Miss P is 8 months old! | Cumming Georgia Baby Photographer

Posted on January 31, 2009

Little Miss P is not so little anymore.  She has grown so much and she is FULL of personality.  We had a great time though and she is still as cute as can be.  I just love working with this family.  They are such awesome people.  And I am so happy that they will be adding a new daughter to their family in April so yep that means that Miss P and her baby sister will be exactly a year apart.  I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy.  They are excited to make the jump to a family of 5 and I am excited to help capture those special moments with photographs.  See you guys in April.





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4 weeks | Marietta Newborn Photographer

Posted on January 21, 2009

So most of you know that I like my newborns to see me around 7 days or so.  Well… sometimes that just doesn’t work out.  And I will still give it the collage try if they are a little older I just know and warn the parents it might not be the same session.  Well little Mr. J came to see me today… he is 4 weeks old and proved that you can still get some pretty cute sleeping shots after a week old.  He didn’t go to sleep without some work by me and mom, mostly mom.  She was such a trooper.  She rocked and bounced and shhh’d till he went to sleep on several occasions.  Never got frazzled and always seemed very calm.  And as long as the parents want to keep going I am totally up for that.  We ended up wearing him out eventually and got some great shots.  I picked a few favorites to share here.


Who can resist a sweet baby smile?  I just love this shot.


And this is my favorite of the day.  Totally worth all the bouncing don’t you think?


Thank you E for sharing your sweet little guy with me.  I had the best time with you today.  J is a lucky baby to have a mother with such a caring touch and abundance of patience, truly an inspiration to all mothers.

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8 months already | Atlanta, GA Baby Photographer

Posted on January 17, 2009

How do my babies grow so fast?  It seems like yesterday I was photographing this little guy as a newborn.  I remember him so well. He was so peaceful and so calm.  And to this day he still is.  He is just a little joy.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes that just draw you right in and he loved watching my camera “blink” at him.  He would just stare at me.  We took the poor little guy out in the cold for a few and even though it was 30 degrees outside he was just as calm.  When we saw his little nose turning red we knew it was time to head back in. :)  Thank you K and J for sharing your little boy with me.  I am so enjoying watching him grow throughout his first year.  It is such a special time!


This is one of my faves!


And who can resist his big blues?


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Mr. C - 4 months | Alpharetta, Georgia Baby Photographer

Posted on January 14, 2009

Today I got a very special visit from Mr. C.  He is now four months old and is so darn cute.  He has grown so much since I met him as a newborn.  See for yourself here.  He was so happy and full of smiles for me, course when I put the camera over my face he looked at me with a puzzled look of “where did she go?”  But I caught a couple of smiles none the less.  We had a great time together and even though it was cold outside it was warm and cozy inside and the sun was bright and shiny for some yummy light.


So strong sitting in the basket.


Such pretty pretty blue eyes.


Love this shot, his sweet expression makes it!


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To celebrate 100 days | Alpharetta Baby Photographer

Posted on January 12, 2009

Well it is official.  I am back to work.  Sunday was my first session of the new year and my first session with my new camera, the Canon 5D Mark II.  Man do I love it.  And I just loved the sweet little 3 month old that I got to test it on.  She was so adorable.  You may remember her from her newborn shoot here.  In Asian culture there is a very special celebration centered around the 100 day mark.  In the past when infant mortality was high the Asian culture honored baby’s 100 day birthday as a celebration of surviving this difficult period of life.  The tradition is alive still today in Asian cultures.  It is centered around a HUGE celebration and beautiful jewelery for the baby.  I had the honor of photographing Baby E in honor of her 100 day celebration.  I so enjoyed seeing her again.  She has grown so much and is so adorable.  When I arrived she was asleep so I took that opportunity to get some shots of her asleep real quick.  I was amazed that she allowed me to move her around so much without waking up.  So cute.  She has the best cheeks… perfect for squeezing.  So I wanted to share this sweet little baby with all you and give her a parents a quick sneek at yesterday’s session.


Asleep with her colorful bracelets.


Are those boots not the cutest things ever?


Her beautiful necklace and eyes.


Here she is in her christening gown.


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Ending Year 2008 | Woodstock, Baby Photographer

Posted on December 20, 2008

Well what a year… it has been a wonderful year for my business.  I have grown as a photographer and I have learned a lot this year about where I want my business to go in the future.  I simply adore what I do.  I have learned what my favorite subjects are and I have made some decisions on how to focus on them for the coming new year.  I have learned that I have the best clients around… the best part is that they hire me because they love the photography that I produce.  They share my vision and that has always been my goal, to attract the clients that appreciate how I interpret their beautiful children.

There are some changes coming for the new year with AGR Photography… new products, new look, new client website (that I alluded to before) and as always new growth for me as a photographer.   I am excited about some upcoming seminars and workshops that I will be attending to help me grow as a business woman and a photographer.  I have brand new camera that I am excited about as well.  All photographers will agree that we love new equipment.  :)  So I wanted to say thank you to all my clients from 2008.  I look forward to working with you all again in the coming year as well as all the new faces I will meet.

So the last session of the season was actually a couple of weeks ago but I have been nursing some sick kids this month so I have not gotten around to proofing her images until now.  I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of my newest Baby Planner.  I met her this summer in her Mommy’s tummy and then again as a newborn in August.  She has grown so much and was full of smiles for me.  She LOVED the camera and the camera loved her big blue eyes.  I look forward to our future sessions Miss L, I have a feeling you are going to be loads of fun when you are sitting up and exploring.






And this shot below was taken by my good friend visiting me from California, Ken Deboe.
It was so much fun to shoot this session together and I just love this shot of me and Baby L.


And one of the resulting shots below.  Which happens to be a fave of mine.


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