Posted on June 22, 2006

Just let everyone know my shedule is filling up fast for the summer. I am now taking sessions in August. I have July completely booked. Please contact me ASAP if you would like a summer session.

I am also starting to book sessions for the Fall/ Holiday Season. This time of the year is always my busiest so be sure and let me know if you are planning a Holiday session.

Due to rising costs; gas, labs, ect, I am on the verge of a price increase. This is a necessary evil I am afraid. Having said that anyone who books their session before August 15th will be eligable for the current prices. Bookings after August 15th will be susceptible to increases.

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Stepping out of my comfort zone…

Posted on June 22, 2006

One of the things I love most about photography is the ability to broaden my skills and explore new things. There is so much freedom in being on a continual growth pattern. I am not sure I will ever be satisfied with the photographer I am and that is exactly what drives me to become a better one. I am always on a quest to learn and improve.

This session was my second session after my short maternity leave and my first session with my new camera. I really tried to step out of the box with this one and leave my comfort zone of closeups. I wanted to be more distanct and less of an orchestrator. These two wonderful little girls were full of life and curisoty. They wanted to explore and discover their new surroundings. So I let them, and so did mom. She really got it. It was so much fun to watch them be children and get a little dirty in their beautiful dresses. Isn’t that what makes being a kid so fun! No concerns, nothing holding you back. I LOVE IT!

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Posted on June 21, 2006

Summer is upon us… and even though you think of summer as relaxing and lazy mine has been anything but. Having a new baby in the house, getting back to work and spending time with the kids has kept me busy. I have had so many great sessions this month. I am so excited to have a place to share them.

But for my very first post I must share one of my favorite subjects. My own Lydia. She is 12 weeks old today and becoming her own little person. She is idiolized in this house by everyone including her big brother and sister. They just adore her. She is her own little person seemingly wise beyond her years, or months as the case may be. I am having the best time with her and only wish that time would slow down so I could have her little a bit longer. Childhood is so fleeting… that is why I strive everyday to capture it. Not only for me, but for all of my wonderful clients.

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