My Little girl turns 3!

Posted on July 30, 2006

Today my baby girl turned 3! I guess I shouldn’t call her a baby anymore and now she isn’t really my baby girl she is my eldest girl. It is hard to believe that she is already three. She is so independant, social, confident and yes, a little goofy. She loves her brother more than life and follows him around everywhere. And she loves her baby sister more than words can explain. All she wants to do is touch her and kiss her.

It has been a wonderful three years with her she was the easiest baby and toddler and although as of late we have encountered some three year old tude as we call it around here she is an amazing reasonable child.

So I thought I would share my eldest girl with you all. These were taken last week when we were playing outside. She has mastered the tricycle and loves to zoom around on it. And yes, she still has the most stunning eyes I have ever seen! (and I am not biased) :)

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What a weekend…

Posted on July 23, 2006

It has been a busy weekend for me. It seems that all my clients had their babies at the same time. :) I am happy to report they all had healthy beautiful babies. So in light of all the new arrivals I had to squeeze in some sessions. Since Lydia has joined the family I have been trying to keep my sessions to a minimum but sometimes that doesn’t work. Thankfully I have a wonderful mother who lives close and loves to babysit, a very supportive friend who helped and a saint of a husband who kept the older two kids all weekend by himself (as well as the baby sometimes). Thank you to all my clients who allowed Lydia to tag along. I am so lucky to have such wonderful families to work with.

I thought I would share a sampling of my four sessions this weekend.

First it was 10 day old twins, a boy and girl. So sweet and so tiny but not so sleepy. We had to work at getting them to sleep but in the end got some good shots. This was my first set of twins and it was definitely a challenge, but loads of fun. I love how in this shot it is hard to tell who’s foot is who’s. Too sweet!

Then I went to visit this lovely little two year old. She was so sweet and kept saying “Hi Aweesha!” She was just a love! But our session was cut short by the very dark thunderstorm that blew in, so I will be visiting this family again very soon for a reshoot. I did manage to get a few in the 30 minutes we had before it rained. This one is my favorite.

Today started with a sweet little newborn boy… 9 days old. He was so pretty and so sleepy. We had a really nice sessions that involved only a little bit of crying but mostly he was a happy sleeping newborn. I even managed to catch a few smiles. Gotta love a newborn who smiles. :)

Then I finished off with one of my baby planners. This was his 9 month session and boy has he grown. He is such a doll. Full of smiles and laughter. It was a great way to end a crazy weekend of sessions.

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Holiday Deadlines…

Posted on July 23, 2006

I know it is only July but I wanted to remind all my clients that if you plan on booking a Holiday Sesson please contact me. I only have a few sessions left in September and October. Here are some deadlines to remember…

November 15th - last day for Holiday Session
December 1st- last day to order Holiday Prints/ Cards

Please remember that the lab will be a bit slower than normal during the Holidays due to high volume.

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33 weeks and 3 1/2 months… Before and After

Posted on July 17, 2006

When I was pregnant with our third I had a very special friend come over and take maternity photos of me. She had some experience in photography in collage and even though she had never used a DSLR she picked it up really quickly. She took some photos that are so special to me now. Having those moments preserved in my pregnancy is priceless to me. I look at them often and can still remember littly Lyddie moving around in there.

This weekend we were together again. We got together to take some after photos of Lydia and me as well as some nursing shots. I think they turned out fantastic. So here is a sampling of them.

Same tank top, same jeans, same corner of my bedroom… smaller belly and one cute baby. ;)

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There something special in her eyes…

Posted on July 10, 2006

This is one of my favorite clients… also a good friend’s daughter. She is the sweetest little girl. Full of life, curiosity and fire. I have been photographing her since she was 12 months old and I have watched her grow from a tiny baby into a beautiful child.

One of the things I love about photographing children is that I have learned that every child is special and beautiful. I truly feel like I connect with each one of them and is especially true for this little sweetie. She has something special in her eyes…. something special about her that I really cannot explain. She gives the best eye contact with the camera, as you can see, and the images not only show off her eyes but let you see right into her soul. During our session she was all about me, she asked me to do things with her and told me all about her room and toys. It was so precious to have her so into me and not running from the “scary” photographer. While I was proofing this session I got really emotional. I have seen her grow up so much and she has become just precious to me. Maybe it is the hormones still lingering in my body but it was a moving experience. There were so many wonderful images of her it was hard to cut them down to a reasonable number. Every one seemed show a different side of her.

So here is a sampling of her… eyes plus adventures.

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Some things are meant to be…

Posted on July 5, 2006

Sometimes in life things just work out. Don’t you just love it when that happens. I had one of those experiences when Dayna and Alan were sent to me by a fellow photographer, Jen at Sugar Photography in Dallas. This amazing couple has been through things most of us cannot even come close to understanding. They lost their precious baby girl when she was almost two to cancer. Since then they have had another precious child, this is baby Jacob.

I had the honor of meeting and photographing this family recently and I was just taken by their love for each other and their two special kids. It is truly a session that touched me in many ways.

Baby Jacob was perfect and a wonderful sleeper so we got many great shots of him. I so enjoyed photographing him escpecially since he is so close in age to my newest little one. I look forward to watching him grow.

I wanted to take some time to share baby Jacob with you. A special boy born to two very special people. You can read all about baby Jacob and as well as his big sister here.

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3 months already?

Posted on July 3, 2006

When did that happen? It seems I just found out I was pregnant, blinked and she was 3 months old. In order to celebrate this milestone we had several photo sessions together in FL while everyone else was playing on the beach. It was some good mommy / daughter time. :) Hope you enjoy my sweet baby girl.

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Memories happen in the strangest places…

Posted on July 3, 2006

On our trip to the beach last week we had to stop for baby duty, diapering and feeding. Well in LA (lower Alabama) there is not many places to stop so we had to resort to pulling over at an abandoned store at a cross road. And the photographer in me took over and turned it into a photo shoot. It was at least 100 degrees and my kids were not in any shape for a photo session but I tried anyway and take a look at what I got. It just goes to show you it is not what you are wearing or where you are, it is simply that you take the time to capture the moment. And lots of times you are rewarded with some really great memories.

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