Checking in to wish my eldest girl a Happy Birthday

Posted on July 30, 2007

Today is a very special day. My middle child’s 4th birthday. It is also my father’s birthday so it is extra special. My Ella is a peaceful, spunky, fun, sweet and cuddly four year old today. She is often my sanity in a day and is sometimes my window into teenage years. She is mostly reasonable and easy going but every now and then I see what will become a teenager. :) I am blessed beyond belief to have her in my life. Our family is so enhanced by her. Her love of animals, drawing and reading is so wonderful to watch. I see a bit of myself in her all the time. She would rather be outside hunting bugs than anything else.

So today I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my very special girl and my very special father. He is one of the strongest men I know surviving cancer 5 years ago and coming out on the other end healthy and strong. He is also the best grandfather my kids could ask for. I am a lucky to girl to have such a wonderful family around me.

Love to you both.

PS- My eyes are doing well. I am still a bit blurry but they are getting better everyday. Thanks to all of you who have checked in on me. :)

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out of the office

Posted on July 24, 2007

AGR Photography will be closed from Wednesday, July 25th till Monday, August 6th. I am having Laser Vision Correction Surgery and will be taking this time to recoup. If you have placed an order it will be filled as soon as possible. Please call me if you need any assistance. I will be answering limited phone calls.

If all goes well I will be back up and running on the 6th… GLASSES FREE!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and for being so accommodating about rescheduling. My clients ROCK!

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Sweet Baby Girl

Posted on July 24, 2007

My second session from last weekend was this precious 9 day old baby girl. She was a perfect angel for her shoot. She went right to sleep for us and let me move her all around and still stayed so peaceful. She is just picture perfect too with the prettiest girly face. I could have photographed her all day.

Mom and Dad your proofs will be ready later today but here are a few of my faves. Although I have many from this session.

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Two cute boys

Posted on July 24, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting these two cuties this weekend. Big brother was a riot and asked me if I drove a Toyota Sienna when I walked in… ok people he is 2 1/2! It was so cute and so impressive. We talked a lot about cars and he loved my keys. :) And the little guy was full of expressions. He was a riot, crawling on his belly and giving those big grins with his two teeth showing. And look at the curls on top. Aren’t they the best.

So here is a sneak peek for mom and dad, as promised your proofs will be along soon.

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Some fun shots…

Posted on July 20, 2007

Thought I would share these cute kiddos… I am helping out their Dad with his brochure for his new church The River and while I was there getting some family shots I had to grab some of just the kids. I can’t help myself. I am so drawn to photographing one child at a time, it is so what drives my photography. I often times am out and see a cool location and think, oh I wish I had a kid to put there. Of course mine are not always so cooperative so when I get some that are, like these two, I just can’t NOT photograph them.

Anyway, here they are just some quick snaps for fun. :)

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Posted on July 18, 2007

Remember a few weeks back I told you that I would be offering some custom made frames. Well they are now available to you!

Check them out HERE

Click on the frame names under the first image and you can see all the different styles.

I also have them loaded in my online shopping cart so when you place your order you can simple check under products at the top and pick your frame style, color and size.

I am thrilled to not only be able to offer my clients these awesome one of kind frames but also one stop shopping. When you order a frame you pick it up with the print mounted in the frame and wire on the back ready for your wall. What a time saver.

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Meet Mr. "J"… a 9 week old cutie!

Posted on July 16, 2007

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally meeting Baby J. He was originally going to come and see me at 2 weeks but plans changed. So we got together yesterday to photograph him at 9 weeks. He was so cute and so good for me. Such alert, beautiful eyes. And I even managed one sleeping shot. Yes, folks… one. :) As soon as I took this he woke up. Oh well. One is better than none.

So here is your sneak peek mom and dad. So happy to finally meet you and your sweet baby boy.

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A boy and a girl.

Posted on July 15, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest siblings yesterday. They are only about 15 months apart so they are very close in age and just as close in spirit. They had to be the most affectionate sister and brother I have seen. It was so sweet. Despite the cloudy dark day we got some great shots of them. The hand holding shot melts my heart. It was so natural for them to be holding hands. Even though big sis was a little upset at the time she still held on to baby brother’s hand and he seemed to want to take care of her.

So here is a sneak at some of their session… Miss M and Mr. N.!

Thanks mom and dad for inviting me to your home to meet your precious family. I had a ball.

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My Girlies…

Posted on July 13, 2007

While G was at camp this week I took some time to TRY and photograph my girlies. Lydia is now 15 months old and quickly turning into a toddler. I can hardly believe it sometimes. She seems to grow up everyday. She is so aware and starting to talk so much. We often call her the old soul of the family. With two to learn from she is definitely maturing faster. She is funny, goofy little girl too. Loves to climb on things (lord help us) and get into stuff. But she is easy going, travels well and is the sweetest thing.

The first shot is a new FAVE of mine. She was so proud of herself for climbing up there without any help and she turned and gave me that big toothy grin. :) God love her. This image will be printed large for my walls soon. The second one still shows how chubby she is… love that. The third of Ella is so her. She is so peaceful and at times so serious. She actually asked me to take her picture. Wow! And the last one truly melts my heart. I am so thrilled my girls have each other. I ALWAYS wanted a sister and now I have the next best thing. Two sweet girls. I hope and pray that they will always stay close and be the best of friends like they are now.

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Mr. D

Posted on July 10, 2007

Three and a half and full of personality. We had a blast together. He was probably one of the easiest three year olds I have ever photographed. He made my job very easy. So full of expressions, laughter and just the right amount of goofy-ness. And man did you get a load of those eyes!!!! They are killer.

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