Two sweet boys.

Posted on November 27, 2007

I just love these boys.  They are so adorable and have the cutest personalities.  We had a real ball together and I really enjoyed watching them interact.  They were so sweet together.   We had a beautiful November afternoon to shoot and I have many to share but just a few for now and back to proofing so mom can see the rest of them.






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Getting back to posting…

Posted on November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I took a small break for the Holiday and I wanted to get caught up on my sneak peeks. I had three wonderful sessions last weekend to wrap up my Holiday Sessions.

First up these two adorable siblings. When I photographed them a few months ago the little guy didn’t have much to do with me. But this time, he was all about me. :) I love it when that happens. We all had a great time together and these two are so wonderful to photograph.  The love that these two siblings share is lovely to see. Always makes my heart smile to see siblings that truly love to be with each other.






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A beautiful family

Posted on November 16, 2007

I had the pleasure of not only photographing a newborn this past weekend but also a 7 month old who was not crawling.  :)  These are 2 of my most favorite ages.  I love 6-8 month olds because they are so engaging and interested in you.  They love to stare at the big black box on my face and don’t run away.  :)  This sweet baby girl and her family were a dream to work with.  I don’t think I heard her fuss one time.  She was so pleasant, chubby and cute.  I could have photographed her all day.  So here she is little Miss “MC” and her big brothers.






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Mr. Cutie Pie!

Posted on November 15, 2007

Just look at this little guy I got spend Saturday morning with.  He is just precious.  He was so tiny and so peaceful.  One of the most peaceful newborns I have ever met actually.  He was awake when I got there and he just hung out with us with out a peep for about an hour.  Looking around, enjoying the view.  Then as we were snapping a few shots he just shut his eyes and went to sleep.   Then he slept like a rock.  He was so much fun to work with.  So curly and so relaxed.  I so enjoyed myself.  Mom and Dad and big bro were awesome too.  Thank you for letting me share your new baby boy with you.  I had a great time capturing his sweet newborn self.








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My second one year old…

Posted on November 12, 2007

I just love this family.  They are all so wonderful to work with and this little guy has the most amazing eyes.  They are literally like glass.  They are so big and the clarity in them is amazing.  I love close ups of him for that reason.  He is such a funny little man, he has his own agenda and if you get in the way of that he will flat let you know.  :)  Gotta love a man with a plan.  We had fun chasing him around last weekend and doing whatever we could think of to get his attention.  Gotta love one year olds.

I have photographed him 5 times this year and I will miss seeing him every 3 months… but I look forward to seeing him later and watching him grow.

Thank you “H” family.  You guys are the best.

 Here is my favorite newborn shot of him.  Doesn’t he look the same a year later?


And a year later.



Almost walking.




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Baby Planners Graduating

Posted on November 6, 2007

This weekend I had two baby planners. Each of them just turned a year so this was the last session in their baby plan. It is always a bit sad to say “goodbye” to them. Since I won’t see them as often but I know they will be back. ;) I feel honored to have been chosen as their photographer for the first year of their life (and hopefully for many years to come). I love watching them grow and become little toddlers with minds of their own. It is so fun to watch. Both of these two one year olds started their sessions with me as newborns so it is especially wonderful to celebrate their one year anniversary! I love to see how their mom and dads have gone from “what do I do with this baby?” to confident, wonderful parents. Since they are first time parents it has been quite a journey for them. And they are both so wonderful, caring and loving to see them with their little ones is awesome.

So I will take a few moments to repost some of their previous sessions so you can see their progression…

First up…

Miss Clara

I met her for the first time at 3 weeks.










7 months

She has turned out to be so stunning!










And this weekend at 13 months.

Walking and talking.











Happy Birthday Miss Clara!

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Posted on November 2, 2007

So now that I am all caught up on my session previews I can do some personal blogging. I have been wanting to share this with my blog readers for a while.

One of the things I love about having my business is that I can do things for my family that I couldn’t before. One of the things I do is splurge on birthdays! I love surprising my husband with big gifts or interesting outings for his birthday. Last year I threw him a surprise birthday party. I was so proud of myself for keeping it a secret. I flew in his childhood friend from Canada for a week and gathered all of our local friends to surprise him. I did this with a business and a new baby. ;) He was floored. It was so much fun. So what to do this year to try and match it. I have wanted to go ballooning with him for a long time so I booked a flight. Well you know that balloon flights are dependent on the weather so even though we are in a severe drought the first two times I booked the flight it rained or was super cloudy. Finally the third time was a charm. He was totally surprised and a bit nervous. See I didn’t tell him what we were doing and he is deathly scared of heights. :) After the first 15 minutes or so he released the death grip on the basket and relaxed and enjoyed the ride. It was amazing. Just floating up there. You could hear everything on the ground and it was so quiet and peaceful. You could see Atlanta and Lake Lanier. The landing was not so fun as they have to land those just where ever they can. We landed in an industrial park and almost hit a building as the balloon slid us across the ground. You should have seen the death grip I had on my camera. LOL! But we made it down without as much as a scratch. It was a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday and we even got to go out to dinner alone afterwards. Good times. :) If you are ever considering a hot air balloon ride check out Daryl’s site at . He is an awesome guy and very knowledgeable. He does sunrise and sunset flights.

Here are a few of the shots I snapped. The sunset was amazing…


This is Daryl setting up the basket




That is Scott on the far right with the camera bag over his shoulder.




First they lay out the balloon.




Then they take a big fan and blow it up.




Almost ready for the burner to be turned on.








Then once they get it full of air they turn on the burner and the heat makes it rise up off the ground.
See the fire going in. It is hot too let me tell you. When they turn that on and you are in the basket
you feel the heat.




The view of Hwy 9 and 141 at the 400 on ramp.




Same view a bit higher.




This is the chase vehicle. It was fun to see them following us. I took this right as we took off.




A very weird site is to see a neighborhood like this from above. It reminds me of the movie
Edward Sissorhands. Remember how all the house looked the same.




The Atlanta Skyline




The sunset is amazing from up there.







And here is a shot of the birthday boy! :) He is the most amazing, supportive, caring father and husband
I could have ever asked for. I do not know what I would do without him.

Happy Birthday Scott, I love you!


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