You still there?

Posted on December 30, 2007

You guys still checking in to see the big surprise?  I hope so because some of your babies may be a part of it.  :)

I also want to announce that there will be some changes for AGR Photography in the new year.  I plan on adding a new list of print collections and some new products that I am very excited about.  I will also be running a few specials so stay tuned.

And remember that I am now taking applications for High School Senior Reps class of 2009!  So if you know a current Junior that would be interested in applying please tell them to contact me ASAP.  I only have a limited amount of spaces left.  Check out my website HERE for more details.

And here is another shot of my latest Senior.  More to come very soon!


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Sharing some recent creations.

Posted on December 29, 2007

I had so many wonderful sessions this Fall and so many awesome cards.  Having my online shopping cart has really helped out in that department.  It gave my clients a hand at designing their own cards.  They chose the template and then the images to go with it.  I was so proud of them.  Most of them picked the images themselves and did an awesome job.  So I thought I would share a few.

First up is mine.  It is a 5×7 folded card so I will post them in the order you would see them.



Inside top


Inside bottom




And here are a few of my client cards.  These were all 5×7 postcard style.
So they have a front and back.














Be sure and stay tuned for a special surprise for New Year’s.  A tribute and thank you to all of my most wonderful clients.

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A very special session

Posted on December 28, 2007

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and are recovering from all the excitement.  We are trying to but seems hard to get things back to normal after the big day.

I wanted to share this session with you.  I had this session back in November and it touched me in many ways.  I got a call from mom who found me on the internet and she was looking for a session for her son who was just turning one.  Luckily I had a spot open and we booked the date on the phone.  She mentioned in passing that she had a three year old with a brain injury and he might or might not be in them.  I told her that was fine either way and it was up to her.

So when I arrived at the session I got to meet two of the most beautiful boys.  They were both so similar looking and just gorgeous.  Jake the older boy was in a stroller and Noah was running around aimlessly like one year old’s do.  :)  I asked mom to tell me about Jake…  Jake was in a near drowning accident when he was about 1 1/2 years old.  He had fallen into a neighbor’s garden pond and by the time they found him he had been without oxygen for long enough to cause brain damage.  It was a heartbreaking moment for me.  One that changed my life.  You always hear of stories but until you meet someone who has been through it somehow it doesn’t seem real.  In that split second this family’s life was changed forever.  But what really struck me is how mom talked about her amazing son.  How lucky they both felt to have him in their life, how amazing he was, and how blessed they feel.  So even though the accident was not what they had hoped for they pulled together as a family to enjoy what they did have… a beautiful son that by the grace of god was still with them.  In the middle of all the tragedy of the first days and weeks of Jake’s accident is when they found out that Noah would join their family.  Again another blessing.

I have to say that this session was beyond incredible to me.  It was an amazing session with a beautiful, inspiring family.  They made me see that even in tragedy their love and devotion to their children is what keeps them strong.  The parents worked like a well oiled machine, seemingly reading each other’s minds and moving together as one unit.  It was amazing to watch.  The love for their kids was so apparent and made my heart swell.   This is one of the things I love most about my job.  The people that I am so fortunae to meet.  They inspire me and show me so many levels of love.  I was honored to be able to capture that love for this family forever in their images.

If you would like to read more about Jake and his story you can look him up at his website HERE.

Here are some of my favorites from our session.









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My newest Baby Planner.

Posted on December 17, 2007

I was so excited to meet this darling little girl.  Her mom contacted me just a few weeks ago and wanted to sign up for the Baby Plan.  It was lucky that my schedule is pretty wide open in December since I normally “take off.”  I use that term loosely because it never works out that way but I try not to do as much shooting at least.  As it turns out it was a great break for me to meet this adorable family.  Not only did I get to meet one of the sweetest 4 month olds around but I also got to meet two of the biggest, sweetest fur babies as well.  These dogs were like ponies!  LOL!  And for those of you who know me, you know I am not a tall person.  They could have licked me right in the face while I was standing up!  :)  But I so enjoyed them.

So meet Miss “S.”  You are going to see a lot of her in the next year.


This is my favorite shot of the session… I love the fingers



Such a proud papa!






I told you they were big!



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11 days

Posted on December 14, 2007

So here is the latest of Baby K!  He took a bit to get to sleep but once there he was good.  He was very flexible and fun to curl up in those sweet poses.  It was a quick session and hopefully we will get to have more fun with him in the near future.  :)










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2 days old…

Posted on December 13, 2007

Baby K finally makes it into this big world via c-section at 2:45 am. Poor mom! She did great though and by the time I saw her two days later she was up walking around. I was like I didn’t move from the bed till they made me after the birth of my children and I didn’t even have c-sections. LOL! Baby K was perfect, adorable and a joy to meet. He looks a lot like his mommy and big sister. He is very peaceful until we took his clothes off. :) It was too cold in there for him. But I managed to get some great wide eyed awake shots and I was pretty excited about that since he was only 2 days old. He would look over at me and just give me the widest eyes. Just like he knew I was there to take his pictures. Loved that. So here are a few of him in the hospital.



The proud big sister she could not stop smiling.


Gammy admiring him.


The best hat ever (more of it to come)- a gift from Gammy.


A beautiful mommy and her son.


And probably my favorite shot… a very alert 2 day old.


Check back tomorrow for Day 11… his “offical” shoot!



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A very special little man…

Posted on December 12, 2007

So just a about two weeks ago I got to meet a very special little man. He is the second child and first son of my very good friend and assistant. His birth was much awaited and we all just could not get over his cuteness. :) So I wanted to share some of him, just before we all got to meet him, at only 2 days old, and 11 days. We have been having fun taking pictures of him.

Here is Mr. K before he made his way into this big old world.


Big Sister…



Check back soon for the 2 day shots taken at the Hospital.

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Photographing another Photographer!

Posted on December 7, 2007

So I had the honor of meeting a fellow photographer and photographing her family recently. Heather Prather contacted me at the beginning of November and asked if I had any time the weekend after Thanksgiving to photograph her family. She was coming to Atlanta from PA to visit her relatives and wanted to have some family shots done. I told her sure! I don’t schedule much that weekend so I fit her in. I cannot tell you how fun it is for us photographers to meet fellow photographers. I love to talk shop with someone who really wants to hear it. My husband in great and will let me gab on about my work but in the end he doesn’t really get what I am saying and I think he gets rather bored. He is a good man just to listen though. But meeting Heather and her family was awesome… I won’t say I didn’t feel a lot of pressure but it is all worth it. They were so laid back and that girl knows how to dress for a photo shoot. So I wanted to share some of Heather and her family. We had an awesome time together despite my nearly frozen hands and just barely missing the rain.









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The busy season is over!

Posted on December 3, 2007

At least for the business.  Now on to my personal busy season.  :)  I had a wonderful year this year and the Holiday season was a great way to end it.  I wanted to check in with you and let you know that other than wrapping up some late orders and some newborns I have on the books I will be taking some much needed time off.  I will continue to blog though so keep checking for some fun posts and some updates on the future of AGR Photography.  I have some changes in the works for the new year.

I have opened up my 2008 schedule officially now and I already have most of January booked up.  There are a few spots remaining though so if you are interested please let me know.  I am booking on into the Spring now as well so if you thinking of booking a session please contact me as soon as you can to set up a date.  My Spring sessions always fill up fast.

So because I can’t post without an image I will share my Ella.  We had a session this weekend and this on is my favorite.  So captures who she is…  innocent, sweet, young and most adorable!


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