Back at work…

Posted on January 28, 2008

Well it has been a while since I have had a session. I like to take December and the first of January off but this month I have had several reschedules because of the weather so I have had a good long vacation. I will admit that I was itching to get back behind the camera. So this weekend I kicked off 2008 with a sweet little one year old. He is a busy busy boy but so adorable and really actually pretty interested in me. Several times during the session he would walk over and just sit in my lap. So sweet. I just love it when they little guys become my friends. So I wanted to share a few of Baby T who is officially not a baby anymore. He is most definitely a toddler.


I just love his sweet smile here.


And this is my favorite image… look at his little foot.


Thank you to everyone who inquired about my Baby 1st Year special. I will continue to honor it for the next two weeks for anyone else who is interested. My February and March are quickly booking up and Spring is always busy. Please contact me if you are interested in a session for Spring or Early Summer. I also only have a few spots open for High School Senior Reps. I am so excited to being shooting High School Reps in February. If you know of anyone from Roswell High or Alpharetta High that is interested please let me know.

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Posted on January 19, 2008

Wow what is going on in Georgia!  It has been snowing all day.  It is so beautiful to watch and it seems almost magical to this southern girl.  :) _mg_0418.jpg



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SNOW!!!! In GA no less.

Posted on January 17, 2008

Well we got our first snow of the year and maybe for a couple of years now if I remember right.  My kids were giddy.  They loved it until they got wet and cold.  LOL!  They are such southerners.  It was coming down hard… hence the umbrella.  We had fun though.  I took all of these at dusk with hardly any light except a street light.  They are interesting though.

Hope you are all enjoying it… you know it will be gone tomorrow.

A street light and the snow coming down.





Just before the sunset.


My girlies coming down the driveway with me to get the mail.



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More ABC

Posted on January 10, 2008

I decided to post my pictures every 5 days.  So I wanted to let you know that I updated.  Here is a peek.  ;)  Just click the link in the top bar.g-is-for-girl.jpg

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The most amazing experience.

Posted on January 7, 2008

One of my most favorite things to do is meet other photographers.  Especially those I admire.  I got that chance this weekend.  A friend that I met online was passing through Atlanta and stopped to spend some time with us.  We had the best time despite the chaos of 8 kids!  Yes, you heard me right… 8 kids!  My 3 and her 5.  The ages of them all just so you get some perspective…  11, 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 21 months and 12 months.  It was quite a houseful.  But we had fun!  I wanted to share a few quick shots with you all.

R and her Baby Blu


Baby in a basket anyone?


Miss M and her cute little tude!  She was such fun to photograph!


Miss E!  She is sweet as pie.


Mr. J!  He is the same age as my oldest.


The old man of the crew.  Another Mr. J!  :)   I just love freckles.


And one of the two photogs!  :)






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ABC Project

Posted on January 5, 2008

Check out the top menu bar and click on the ABC project to learn about my newest personal challenge. :)  I started this on the 1st of Jan.  I am planning on having a personal project every month for myself.  I will start here and see how it goes when I get busy.


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Posted on January 2, 2008

So today I wanted to share with you two announcements…

First I am honored to have been featured yesterday on a blog set up specifically to showcase blogs of photographers.  I wanted to give you the link so you could go and check it out.

Blogs of Photogs

And next I wanted to share with you some shots of 2007’s newborns sessions.  I got to meet so many wonderful babies.  Newborns are my favorite subjects.  They are so fresh and wonderful.  I just love to be a part of that newborn experience with each of my new families.  I had so many newborns this year that I wanted to create their very own slideshow.  I couldn’t narrow it down enough to fit them in with the other slideshow.

So enjoy my littlest subjects.


And in case you missed it here is the Year 2007 in Review slideshow

Year in Review

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Posted on January 1, 2008

Ok so I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this post. LOL! Well I am finally ready to unveil the surprise. I decided to make a slideshow of my whole year of clients. Quite an undertaking since I have had over 150 sessions this year. Whew! It was a hard job picking images from everyone’s session and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. If I did I apologize in advance. My goal was to have at least one shot from each client. I have to say watching it I had a little tear in my eye. I have met so many wonderful people in 2007, made some awesome friends, got to capture some of the most beautiful people around, and have enjoyed every minute of the time I have spent with you all. Seeing it all together really makes me emotional!

So I want to send a heart felt thank you to everyone for making this year amazing! I am beyond grateful for your support!

Look forward to seeing you all again in 2008.  Just click the link below for the show.
Year in Review

BTW- if you had a newborn session don’t despair, tomorrow brings more surprises. :)

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