Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl!

Posted on March 29, 2008

I am posting this at midnight… on my Baby Girl’s birthday! I will come back and share all the great details of the day but wanted to post her invite. We are having a wonderful music party for her with 8 kids from her school. I am so excited. We take a Kindermusik class every week and she loves it. She sings along, dances, laughs, and looks forward to it all week. So it seemed like a fitting party. Last year we only did a family party and this year it is a real kid party. We really love birthdays over here. We usually go overboard but love every minute of it. So I have been busy cleaning, cooking, preparing for tomorrow! I will post more later.

I am trying to keep myself busy so I don’t break down in tears that my baby girl is not so much a baby anymore. She is such a talker and has the most outgoing personality. We just love her to pieces.


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A new baby…

Posted on March 26, 2008

Can I tell you how long it has been since I have photographed a newborn? 3 months! I am seriously going through some newborn withdrawal! Newborns seem to come in waves with me, last Fall I had a ton of them right in a row and now for the Spring I have several due at the same time. When this Daddy to be contacted me I was beyond excited. Not only about the maternity session but also that I get to photograph their new baby boy. So I wanted to share a few with my soon to be mommy and daddy.

 Can’t wait to meet that baby!!!




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Miss Giggle pants.

Posted on March 25, 2008

That is what I think of when I see these images. I had such a great time with this family. This darling little girl laughed and smiled the whole time. I just adored her open mouth smile. Especially with those first teeth peeking through the gums. We had the best time with her. She let us change her clothes move around the house, put her down on the ground. Whatever we wanted and never made a fuss. She also warmed up to me very quickly which always warms my heart. I have said it before but these children I photograph find their way into my heart and soul. After spending time with them, working on their images at home and seeing them repeatedly I grow to feel like they are partially mine. :) I have a wonderful job.

So I am back to give mom more of her sneak peek. Meet Miss “M”



I have so many pictures like this. :)


Check out her amazing eyes.






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A proper introduction

Posted on March 24, 2008

So after a crazy week of taxes… which is bleeding into this week I am ready to properly introduce my newest Baby Planner. He is quite the cutie! So laid back and so happy. Just a sweet little guy. He is the one if you remember from my last post that fell asleep at the end of our session and let us move him around. What fun! I had the best time with him and his family. They were great to work with, had an awesome house and two amazing little boys. Even though this was baby C’s first session of his Baby Plan, we couldn’t leave out big brother. He is such a funny guy. Reminded me of my oldest 5 years ago… silly and had an agenda all his own. :) You know how 2 year olds are? We convinced him to do a few things for us though without too much effort and he was really a very cooperative little man. He kept me laughing the whole time.

Thank you “D” family for inviting me into your home to capture your little man as he grows over the next 8 months.

With his beautiful Mommy!




A cute little grin.





Big Brother!




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Running to catch up…

Posted on March 19, 2008

So that is what I am doing this week… I have had a series of things happen this week that has once again put me a bit behind on things. Some personal some not (hint: taxes– boo). So I wanted to share a shot from each of my wonderful sessions this weekend. I know both moms are stalking my blog. :) So here is a shot of your cuties…. I will post a more proper sneak soon!

First up… sweet baby “C.” Isn’t he adorable? Who doesn’t love a sleeping baby? And you might think he is a newborn, nope almost 4 months. But he slept like a newborn.


Next Miss “M.” Check out those eyes. She was a complete riot! LOVE her! I have SO many awesome shots of this cutie.
Both of my sessions were awesome this weekend. So excited to share!


And on another note, if you are waiting on your session to be sent to you, please be patient. :) I am trying really hard to get caught up. Thanks!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 17, 2008

Wanted to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It is beautiful here today, although a bit chilly for me. :) My little leprechauns had a great day and I hope all of yours did as well.

Here is little Lyddie eating her beloved green cupcake. She made sure she could see them in the buggy all the way through Publix and carried them to the car by herself. How could I resist? I had to give her one. :) She was so happy, giggling with delight as I opened it for her.

Disclaimer: Excuse the quality, it was taken with my iPhone. :)


And on the business side of things… I am currently booking into May and I already have a few sessions scheduled for June. I will be taking some time off for vacations this summer and for just basic family time so make sure you schedule your session ASAP!!! If you are pregnant and are interested in a newborn session please contact me, I always leave room in my schedule for new babies. :)

On a side note, I will be available for sessions April 8-12 in Destin FL, Seaside FL, Grayton FL, and surrounding area beaches. I will also have several other weeks during the summer months when I will be in this area of Florida and will be accepting a limited number of sessions. If you are interested please email me for details.





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Type test

Posted on March 14, 2008

So I have always said the most valuable thing I learned in High School was typing… LOL! I mean it is a skill I use every day now. I so disliked my teacher, he could not stand me either. He was always glaring at me and smacking my typewriter in an effort to get me to work harder. Funny how I remember that. But thanks to that class I can type pretty well. I am not sure what the average person can type but I ran across this website and thought it was fun to try… go ahead see if you can beat me. And post your results in the comments area. :)

58 words


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Outdoor Senior

Posted on March 14, 2008

Well it was a perfect weekend in GA for and outside session.  I so enjoy Spring, the anticipation of warm weather and no more jackets is so exciting for me.  Also my kid’s birthdays are all in the Spring and Summer and around here we are B-I-G on birthdays.  We spend too much and go all out but I think that it is important to really celebrate their day… anyway I digress.

Back to the senior.  I had the pleasure of meeting Emily.  My first Senior Rep for Milton High School.  She was so fun to work with!!! So down to earth and easy to talk to.  I loved every minute of our session.  We laughed A LOT during our session.  I have said it before but I am really enjoying my Seniors.  I am excited to start booking more of them.  So here is a sneak peek from Emily’s session.  Enjoy!




Isn’t that couch the bomb?  Loved it!


Some fun on a tire swing.




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OH the Blues!

Posted on March 12, 2008

I have been so excited to share this sweet boy with everyone. He is such a cutie! I was so excited when I saw his awesome blue eyes. I have had a lot of these babies with wonderful blue eyes. I love it too! :) This little man, who is not quite 4 months, was such a good boy. Hardly cried, smiled lots and even fell asleep in the end. Oh so sweet!

So I know mom is on the lookout for these. I have so many to go through still but these were some of my favorites.





I love this shot… it is like he is saying “Hmm, what is that big black box on your face lady?”




And he sleeps…



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Proud Mama!

Posted on March 9, 2008

That is what I am today everyday! Garrett has been working on riding his bike without training wheels for a short while. It really has never been about whether he could do it but more about getting over his fear of trying. He has always been my cautious one, the one that never liked to slide, swing, climb or jump off of things. I always thought it was just who he was until he was diagniosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID). Shortly after that we started Occupational Therapy. That was last year at this time and after 6 months he was a different boy! Trying new things, although still cautious he did start trying. Learning about his SID was the best thing that ever happened to him and us! This is when our journey to understanding him really began. It is the reason he is at the most perfect school for him right now. It is the reason he has gained confidence and started emerging as a leader and a helper and more importantly it is the reason he has become a generally happier kid. And all of that makes this mama’s heart smile. We went through many painful years of not understanding his behavior and many years of being around people who judged him unfairly. I am more than thankful to not be in that situation anymore and I have gained a new understanding of children in general because of my sweet boy. I know I have spoken about this here before but I think his story is worth repeating… especially if it helps even one child.

Back to the bike riding… today we took off his training wheels and let him go. Before we knew it he was riding around us in ciricles… LAUGHING the whole time! He was so proud of himself, so excited. It was awesome to see him be just a kid. And really his balance was great he just needed us to give him the encouragement to do it. So he wanted me to take some shots of him riding his bike, how could I resist right? And I couldn’t wait to share them with all of my blog readers. FYI- I know that bike is WAY too small for him, but he prefers it over his big bike so right now we are just going with it. :)

Here is the G Man in all his bike riding glory!

There he goes! And hey look at that MAD sunflare, and it is real people! :)


Grinning ear to ear!


Gettin the lean down.



I have some sneak peeks from the weekend to share with you guys too. It was a fabulous weekend with two really awesome sessions…. very exciting.

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