A mommy and daughter session.

Posted on April 28, 2008

This mommy and daughter duo were so awesome to work with. Both have done commercials/ movies and Mom is a professional dancer. She wanted some new shots for her portfolio and wanted to go somewhere rustic. Well you all know I have some great rustic places. So I took her to my most favorite spot. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to photograph someone with this much experience in front of a camera. Mom knew exactly how to move, hold her head and position herself. And it didn’t hurt she is drop dead gorgeous with flawless skin. Needless to say she made my job very easy. I also learned that her Dad was a professional photographer for 45 years, yeah no pressure there. LOL! And her sweet daughter was just as comfortable in front of the camera. We had to work a bit for the smiles as she liked the serious looks but she was a lot of fun. I have so many great images to go through. I will be in touch very soon K with the rest.


Her and mommy both play the guitar. So sweet.


A funny moment with Mom made her laugh.


Mom!!! Isn’t she stunning?




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A graduating Baby Planner…

Posted on April 22, 2008

Mr. “M” is 1!  Can’t believe that he is already one…. how does time seem to go by so quickly.  I have been photographing this family even before little M.  First we photographed the family with the fur babies and then the first year of M’s life.  Such a great history I have with this family… I just adore them.  Every session is a treat!  So back to M.  He is ONE!  Did I say that already?  :)

He was a fantastic subject.  We got through his session in record time and I had a total ball with him.  He loves the camera.  Smiles and laughs and dances for me too.  Who could ask for anything more?


He loved his horsey!



Add this one to the list of all time faves… No posing, no staging.
This is plain and simple true mommy / son connection.
I am thrilled to have caught it.


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Garrett’s Lego Show

Posted on April 21, 2008

The Pilot episode of Garrett’s Lego Show. Lego has been his favorite toy for many years, especially Star Wars Lego. We must have a billion pieces of lego in our house! It is amazing to see what he comes up with.

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Another Baby on the way!

Posted on April 21, 2008

And believe it or not this sweet baby has the same due date as my other recent maternity.  What are the chances?  Both due on the same day.  So the race is on with just 2 weeks left for both of them.  :)

I had a great time with this family.  They are all so excited to welcome baby #3 into their family.  Big sister “D” is almost 4 and soon to be middle child “R” is 20 months.  So needless to say mom will  have her hands full.  But after meeting her I know that she can handle it.  She has the best outlook on the whole situation and I am beyond excited to meet their new baby boy.

Thank you “D” family for asking me to be there to capture this amazing time.



Big sister on her swing… her request.  Don’t ya love the boots?


Mr. R.  Cute as pie and a wonderfully behaved toddler.  Love him.
He was full of hugs for me.  :)

This is a fave of mine.  Love the connection here.

See you guys soon.

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Miss S.

Posted on April 19, 2008

My first baby planner of 2008 is 8 months!  We met after much juggling of the schedules yesterday for her 2nd shoot of the year.  She was so funny and full of expressions.  It is so awesome to see their personalities developing.  She is strong little lady with a purpose… I love it!  She was full of smiles too!  And loved wheels on the bus… even clapping along pretty much on the beat.  Pretty good for 8 months don’t cha think?




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Posted on April 16, 2008

It is by far my favorite time of the year…

The promise of warmer weather
New growth
No more long pants




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More of a sleepy newborn…

Posted on April 16, 2008

As I am proofing this session I am loving it more and more.  I just wanted to share a few more of my latest newborn with you all.


Are his eyelashes not the cutest thing ever?



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A beach vacation!

Posted on April 13, 2008

Wonder where I have been? At the beach!!!! This past week was our Spring Break and we packed up the car and headed down to the beach! We always land in the same place… Blue Mountain Beach, FL. An itty bitty town just outside of Seaside, FL. We just love it there. The condo is like our second home. The kids know the routine, know the beach, love the pool and always have the best time. We are surrounded by great resturants, yet have a very uncrowded beach. And we often meet up with the same families which makes it even more fun! This trip was no exception. I was a bit worried about the weather knowing that the water would be cold. But the kids didn’t mind and we managed to get out to the beach almost everyday. The last day was the best… no clouds and 80 degrees. It was perfect. Garrett splashed and rolled in the waves, which were pretty big for the Gulf, Ella played with her friends and hunted for clams and shells, while Lydia over came her fear of the sand and quickly figured out it was a great place to explore. The big boys (Garrett and Daddy) built a dam and made her a great little pool. She splashed and played in that thing for 3 hours! We had a blast! The drive down and home were made in record time, especially considering there was a 2 year old on board! :) Thank goodness for the invention of DVD players. Funny Squirrel (Ice Age) and Elmo got us through the whole trip!

Here are a few pics from our last day at the beach.  We are home safe and sound and ready to jump back into normal routine this week.  If you are waiting on session it should be up early this week.

Ok, you ready for a miracle?  This shot took me three frames and no crying!  WOW!
And I love it! I know it is full sun, full of shadows but it is so them and the light has such a pretty glow.




Garrett was less than amused to stand by his sister, but look how much she loves him…  all together now, AWWW!


Lydia loves her big sister just as much!


My boys!




Ella and her shells.




She jumps!



Show me your sand Lydia.


And her tee tiny foot!


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Posted on April 6, 2008

Have you seen this site… it is awesome. A place to post and share videos and a place to comment on them. So cool. Check out this from the Vimeo team. I want to work there.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

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Weather, Reschedules, and finally two sessions!

Posted on April 6, 2008

What a weekend… I had to do a lot of juggling this weekend because of the weather and it was really stressing me out.  But in the end I got two of my sessions in and two rescheduled.  Thank you to my clients for being so understanding of the fact that when you are a natural light photographer all depends on the weather.  For the most part if it is just cloudy I can usually get by but when there is heavy cloud cover and rain it is usually a no go.  I am so thankful for all my clients for being so understanding and going with the flow!

So a quick sneak for my two sessions today….

Miss “C” is a long time client and I just adore her and her mommy and daddy.  We always have the best time together and it has been a joy watching her grow over the last 18 months.



And after Miss C’s session I got to meet Mr. C.!  :)  He is just 8 days young and oh so sweet.  His mommy and daddy were so relaxed and easy going.  So wonderful to see that with first time parents.  I was a wreck with my first.  The had a beautiful house, two sweet little dogs and one gorgeous baby boy!


In the hat mommy made him.



A favorite from the session.  He had the most gorgeous nursery and this shot sort of
just happened.  The dog, dad, mommy and baby.   Their new family!


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