Garrett’s last days…

Posted on May 29, 2008

The last day of school was Garrett’s birthday and we had a great time at his year end program and we also got celebrate his birthday at school.

I am always sad at the end of a school year but this year I felt such overwhelming gratefulness.  Garrett has blossomed into a totally different child.  We could not be happier with his school, his accomplishments, and his overall attitude towards learning.  His teachers gave him the “world award” because he wants to learn and know everything about the world.  He has emerged as a leader with many friends which is so different from where he had been in the past.  Being in the right environment with teachers and staff that understand that all kids are made differently is priceless.  I encourage any of you out there that have a young child struggling in school to take a close look at their environment and make sure it is the right one for them.  The cues are subtle and may seem behavioral or lazy but in young children this often indicates some needs are not being met.  This was definitely the case for us.   Having a child that was misunderstood by friends is hard and having a child that is just not happy at school is HARDER!  I know… I have been in both of these situations.  It is crucial you surround yourself and your child with people that love and support you both.  As I have said in the past Occupational Thearpy is always a good place to start.  Have your child evaluated and see if they can help you understand them.  I promise it will change your life as well as your child’s.  And as I always say… follow your gut.  It is usually right.  If something seems off, it probably is.

Ok off my soapbox.  :)   I wanted to share a picture of Garrett with two of the most amazing women I know.  His teachers.  A big thank you to them for a FANTASTIC year.


And the birthday celebration. Complete with a funny hat, donuts and friends.



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Family of 4…

Posted on May 29, 2008

that was completely wonderful!  I had so much fun with this family.  The kids were absoutely adorable with their dark, reflective eyes and dark hair.   The were so well behaved and so loved each other.  It was so fun to watch them interact.  I think most of the shots I got of them together little sister was kissing big brother!  ADORABLE!  I could hardly stand it.  So here is the sneak peek for the “T” family.  Enjoy!




A fave of them together.  Oh how I LOVE a snaggle tooth.  :)


This is definitely a fave of little sister!


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Posted on May 26, 2008

I am on a collage kick these days.  I like to design a couple for my client galleries, but lately I am doing like 4 and 5.  :)  So fun to see the images grouped together.  And they are such a wonderful way to have all your favorites in one spot or to tell a story.  Just thought I would share a few of my faves from my most recent sessions.

This size is a 10×20 but can also be printed as a 5×10, which is perfect sitting on an easel on a desk.


Something I like to do with Maternity and Newborn sessions is a little before and after.  Love this one.

It is a 16×20.


Love 9 up collages.  This one was printed as a 20×20 and it is stunning.

I am very much in love with rounded corners too.  :)


Another 16×20, but using a trio of images.


And my new favorite square collage.  This is a 20×20.



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Happy Memorial Day!

Posted on May 26, 2008

I hope you all had a great weekend. We sure did! We had Garrett’s party on Saturday which was a BLAST! And then I had a couple of sessions yesterday, which I will share later in the week, and then today we had a great family day. We went riding at the Greenways with the kids (and Popa came along too), caught some tadpoles, and then went to see Horton Hears a Hoo which if you have not seen is very cute. The older two loved it, I think Lydia liked it but she has a hard time sitting still so I am not sure how much she actually saw. :) She did pretty good though. Only a few screams. Last time I literally had to leave with her. So we are making progress.

But back to our regularly scheduled program… I wanted to share first Lydia and Ella’s last day at school. Actually it wasn’t their last but it was their year end celebration. They had a very cute presentation and then we had a school wide picnic. Followed by a surprise visit from the IceCream Lady. She was awesome… check her out for your next event. You can find Scoop-itz here. It was fun to watch Ella with her school friends. She has for many years been one of only 2 girls but this year there was an addition of several so it neat to see her have many girlfriends. The girl’s school is a local Montessori school that we so adore. We have been attending that school since Garrett was 18 months old and we love everything about it. This year completes our 5th year there! It is sad to think the day is coming soon when my kids will not be in preschool but now I do see the end is near. But I try not to think about that. Both girls are returning for at least one more year. And as we say around here, one year at a time. We are excited though that they are offering a wonderful week of camp for both Lydia and Ella in June. They are both so excited. So they won’t have to be gone for too long.




Last carpool of the year!


These are some from Friday night, just had to share.

Isn’t that outfit so cute. It was Ella’s and was brought back from Hawaii by her grandparents.


Our crocs for the season. :) Not as small as last year’s but just as cute.

She loves them and can put them on all by herself.


I love the look on her face… she was going to see the dog next door and was OH so excited.


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My boy is 7!

Posted on May 24, 2008

How did that happen?  Time goes by so fast when you have children.  It is amazing!  Garrett had a fantastic birthday.  It was his last day of school as well.  Daddy took him and his sister out for breakfast for their last day of school and then we had his year end presentation and awards at school.  We had a great time with dancing/ singing, food, awards, some tears (mostly from Mommy and his teachers) and fun with his friends.  After school we took him to get his birthday present.  Most of my loyal blog readers know he has recently learned how to ride a bike.  Well we have been taking the kids down to the Big Creek Greenways here in Alpharetta for almost weekly bike rides.  We have a little trailer that goes behind either my bike or Daddy’s and we pull the girls in it.  But Garrett is riding all by himself.  Well he is doing so well that we decided it might be time for him to have a bike with a few gears.  So we took him up to our favorite bike store, Alpha Bikes, and let him pick out one.  He was beyond thrilled.  It took some getting used to but he was up for the challenge.  He practiced when we got home last night and really got the hang of it.  He was adorable thanking us over and over.  He told Scott today, “Daddy, I think I love my bike too much!”  LOL!  He has been on it all day.  So I snapped some shots of my birthday boy and his new bike.  He was so proud and wanted me to take a picture the Gary Fisher written on the frame.  He said “I have always wanted a Gary Fisher!”  Probably because Daddy has one. ;)







More updates to come… the last week of school was CRAZY for this mom.  But I have lots of fun pictures to share.  We are off to G’s party now!  Swimming!!! His favorite activity.

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One year old… from the weekend.

Posted on May 21, 2008

I had the pleasure of meeting a new family this weekend. They live in a beautiful home and a beautiful daughter to match. She was a very well behaved little one, although not as smiley as mom/dad might have liked. I told them she was fine and we got some smiles. And we did! :) Wanted to share a few before we get back to our end of the year festivities. Summer is almost here!!!


She loves to clap. :)


A fave of mine… I love how she is gazing out the window.


And a smile for mom and dad. :)


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What happens when you bring a cocoon in your house?

Posted on May 19, 2008

It turns into a moth… well that is what ours did.  :)  At my last session here at my house (the gorgeous recent maternity) we found a cocoon on the ground.  I thought how cool would that be to take it inside and watch it to see what it turned into.  Well that is just what I did and today I noticed it had opened up.  And low and behold resting on the top of the cage was a moth.  A very pretty, calm and sedate moth.  I had to grab a few shots of it before we let it go.  My kids thought it was so cool.  Of course, my resident animal lover, Miss Ella was all over that.  She held it for a while (that is her tiny little finger in the images) before we let it go.  It was very cool!



Sitting on a small apple wedge.


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Teacher Gifts…

Posted on May 18, 2008

For those of you with school age kids I am sure you feel my pain here.  I love my kids teachers!!!  So much!  But at the end of the year when craziness sets in and you are running 10 different directions I usually have no brain power or desire to come up with something creative, yet economical for my teachers.  And this year I have SIX, seven if you count my girl’s school director.  Who I LOVE!  She was my older two kids Toddler teacher and is now the director of the school.  She is the reason we started at that school, she is simply amazing.  So where was I…  I have seven teachers to buy for this year.  You start adding that up and even if you just buy them junk inexpensive stuff it is pricey.

Last year I was inspired by another photographer (who I can’t remember) that made personalized note cards for her teachers.  What a great idea I thought.  So filed that away and I actually, for a change followed through on that idea.  A while back I posted some flower images and mentioned it was for a project.  Well this is it.  I had 4 cards printed and will give them all 3 of each for a total of 12.  I am so thrilled with how they came out.  I just adore them!  Luckily I have some extras for myself.  I wanted to share a shot of the designs with you all.  Scott seems to think I should start selling note cards… well not sure about that one, but I might be convinced to look into it.  :)  I need another job right?  LOL!  Please remember I photograph people… not products so these are marginal at best.  :)

I love this one because this is a very tiny flower that seems rather insignificant but here it’s beauty is highlighted.


A very special rose that was given to me by my very special friend, Rashell.


Our first rose in our newly planted rose bushes in the back.


A dogwood bloom off our rather large dogwood that we planted a few years ago.


What I love about this gift is that I took these images while thinking of my teachers.  Wondering what kind of flower they liked.  Realizing that they were like flowers to me, a part of my children’s lives for one very precious year, but their importance is so significant.  They help shape the growth of my children and this year my teachers were extra ordinary.  I know in my heart they are true blessings sent to us for a very special reason.

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Field Day.

Posted on May 16, 2008

Do you guys remember Field Day at school? I do so well.  I remember it being stressful because I didn’t know what was going to happen or if I could actually do the races and I remember it being LOADS of fun!  G had his Field Day today and Lydia and I went to participate.  It was so much fun (except for the excessive crying by Lydia.  :(  She had a hard time at first and then warmed up to the scene.)  Garrett was so into it!  He cheered and ran his races with such passion and drive.  He gets so excited when he wins!  Reminds me of someone I know?  Hmm….  ;)

But anyway I thought I would share a few of my “snaps” today.  I promised year end events and this is one of about 3 we have coming up.  Next week year end parties and Garrett’s birthday celebration at school!  It was rather hard taking pictures with a 30 lbs 2 year old in one arm but I managed to get some.

Sack race anyone?  Love how smiley the all are.


Three legged race…




Tug of war


Lydia.  After the crying.
She kept saying “Mommy, I go run!”  Too funny!


After Lunch Garrett’s class had a water fight.
Here he is getting Coach Brian all wet!  LOL!



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School is ending… Summer is beginning.

Posted on May 15, 2008

So I am in the process of getting my summer schedule in place.  I wanted to post a note about it.  I only have one date open in June, but I will be opening up a few more during the week.  I only have room for a few but it will be an option.  July only has 2 more dates left and then we are on to August!  I have a few people who have already booked for Fall and I wanted to add that in the next two months I will officially open up that schedule, but if you are interested and would like to be placed on a list let me know.  It will be first come first serve.

It has been a busy Spring and it is lining up to be a busy Summer.  I am super excited about the upcoming months.

On another note, school is coming to a close.  That means lots of year end parties, celebrations and fun photo opts.  I hope to have some to share with you all soon.  It is hard to believe it is almost over.  And the last day of school just so happens to be Garrett’s birthday so that will be full of excitement too.  Can’t believe my baby boy is going to be 7!  How did that happen?

And since I like to post images here is a storyboard of Ella at her gymnastics class.  We will have to take a break from it for the summer, which bums me out since she so enjoys it and she has become so much stronger since she started in December. Check out her ponytail in the last one…. totally cracks me up!


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