Sweet baby H

Posted on June 30, 2008

So I rounded out my weekend with a another newborn.  That makes 3 newborns (counting the twins) and two maternity sessions in one week.  Ah I love my job.  I think that the birth of your children are by far the most magical times and I get to experience that with so many families on a regular basis.  It is just amazing.

This lovely mama called me just last week when her new baby girl was already a week old.  Normally I would have a really hard time fitting in someone that last minute but it just so happens I had scheduled a day off yesterday.  So it worked out perfectly.  I got to meet her baby girl while she was still in my prefered age range, 6 - 14 days.  My favorite age is 6-10 days but usually up to 2 weeks is just fine.  Well little Miss H did not disappoint.  She was awesome.  She showed up asleep and stayed that way for most of the session.  She is so adorable and made the cutest grunting noises everytime I moved her.

I had some new ideas to try out so I really spent some time before they arrived setting up.  It worked perfectly.  I had several stations and then I just moved her from here to there.  I was so excited to get to try some new things and have them actually work.

So I wanted I to get a sneak peek up for mom and dad before I left on vacation.  So meet Miss H.



This is a favorite for me.


Pretty in pink.


And we even managed a few awake shots at the end.


Thank you W family for choosing me to be your photographer. I had the best time.


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More babies on the way…

Posted on June 30, 2008

Remember the baby boom I spoke of around here?  Well here is another one.  :)  The S family are preparing to welcome their first bundle of joy.  I am so excited for them.  They are such a sweet couple, high school sweethearts.  Isn’t that awesome?  They are so excited about the upcoming birth and they are not finding out what they are having.  So fun!  I could never do that with my pregnancies but it is fun for me when my clients do.

This week S and J came over for a maternity session.  Here are few quick sneak peeks from that session.  S and J see you soon!




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Posted on June 28, 2008

I am stunned that it is almost July.  I am always amazed at how fast the Summer flies by.  I have a been a busy bee with work and the kids but it has been fun!  I wanted to pop in and remind everyone of some dates coming up and some scheduling details.

First off AGR Photography will be out of the office the week of July 4th.  We are headed to Blue Mountain Beach FL, just outside of Seaside.  I am taking a limited number of beach sessions while I am there if anyone is interested.  I have a few on the books for July down in Florida and will only take a few more.  I will also be there July 28th- August 3rd.  Trips to this area of Florida are a family tradition for us, so if you are interested in one of these sessions next year let me know.

Secondly, my July is all but full and August only has a few openings left.  I have started booking Fall so if you are interested in a Fall session let me know ASAP.  I have sessions booked in September, October, and November already and October only has a few weekend sessions left!  Wow, my clients are on the ball!  :)  I will be out of town the first week in November so this will be my Holiday deadline.  If you would like your prints and Holiday cards to you by December your session will need to be booked before November 2nd.  Also for the Fall I have decided to open up Tuesdays and Thursday mornings for sessions.  These sessions will only be offered in the Alpharetta/ Roswell area only from 9 am- 11:30. I have many outside locations to choose from in this area, please contact me for more details.  These sessions will be available starting September 9th.

Also most of you know that AGR Photography is now offering High School Senior portraits.  I am thrilled to say it has been very well accepted.  I have several Seniors on the books for the late Summer and Fall.  Please note that I will offer High School Seniors the option of meeting for our session in the late afternoon/ evening during the week.  I love the light in the late afternoon and sometimes this time works out best for the Senior age group.

And last but not least I have had a HUGE wave of interest in my newborn photography.  Which makes my heart smile.  I absoutley love the newborns and I thrilled to be filling my schedule with them.  Remember if you are pregnant and interested in a maternity or newborn session please contact me ASAP so I can get you on my schedule.  With the Holiday rush coming up the more I can plan out my schedule the more sane I will be.

So in review…

AGR Photography will be closed (but still available by email)

July 1st - 6th- Available for beach session
July 27th- August 3rd- Available for beach session
November 5th - 9th

Tuesday and Thursday sessions available from 9:30-11:30 in the Alpharetta / Roswell area

Starting Sept 9th

Last Holiday Session available will be

November 2nd

And here is a reminder of how beautiful the beach can be.  :)  I can’t wait to be back there.


And quickly before I go… I wanted to say thank you to all of my wonderful clients, new (which I have had a lot of) and old for choosing me as your family’s photographer.  I have had a wonderfully busy past few months and I have enjoyed meeting and revisiting with those of you who have been long time clients.

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Sweetness x2

Posted on June 26, 2008

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting sweet baby newborn twin girls this week. They were so very precious and oh so tiny!  Born at 37 1/2 weeks and only 7 days old they were nice and sleepy for me.  This family are long time clients of mine and I am sad to learn that they are moving to back to their hometown 3 hours from me.  :(  But I am thrilled that mom called me to get these images before they left.  Now this mom has it together.  She had these babies on a Tuesday, came home over the weekend, had me out to do pictures and left the very next day!  WOW!  I admire her so much and am honored that she chose me to capture her two baby girls.  We had a full house during our session.  Both grandparents, mom, two year old big brother, a realtor or two, and the new buyers doing their walk through!  LOL!  But everything fell into place, the babies slept, we got the shots, the walk through went well and then mom took a nap.  :)  I hope you are taking more naps right now mom. You deserve them.  Here are some sneak peeks of your beautiful family for you, and I know grandma is looking too.  Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.

 First up Miss A!


Then Miss C!


And big brother Mr. H!


And my favorite shot from the session and one of my most favorite twin poses.


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Mother to be…

Posted on June 25, 2008

This mother to be is expecting her third little boy.  She is a good friend of mine and I just adore her whole family.  I am very excited about meeting the new little man when he makes his arrival.  She wanted to get some shots of her and her boys before the birth and needless to say that was not going to happen yesterday.  The boys had their own agendas which didn’t involve taking pictures snuggled up to mom.  :)  All you mothers out there know how that goes.  But we got some cute shots of each of them with mom and managed to get a new kind of portrait.  Hey we may have just started a new trend.  But besides that we got some most gorgeous photos of just mom.  She looks amazing and has the perfect baby belly.


Our new version of the sibling belly shot.  :)


And my favorite from the session.


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A celebration for my Mom!

Posted on June 23, 2008

What  weekend!  And for once not filled with work.  :)  Well… not as in sessions at least.  On June 20th my mom turned 60!  And my brother turned 41!  A while back my mom had asked for a “surprise” party.  I told her that it was hard to surprise someone who asked for one.  LOL!  And I tried my darnedest to keep it on the down low… but every time I saw her I got the 3rd degree about the party.  So little was a surprise.  The only thing that ended up being a surprise was the fact that I hired a live band.  :)  At any rate, this weekend was the B-I-G event at our house.  We had an awesome backyard BBQ catered by my most favorite local restaurant Slope’s.  I invited my mom’s neighbors, co-workers, family members, and a few of my close friends that consider family, 60-ish people total showed up.  We all had the best time.  It was hot but the food was good, the sky was clear and the band was awesome.  My kids had so much fun dancing and playing with their buddies.  At least the oldest and the youngest did.  :)  My Ella seems to be a bit on the shy side when the dancing breaks out.  Must take after daddy.  I am sure she will get more into it as she gets older.

My mom is without a doubt the nicest lady I know and even though we are not really alike in our personality I like to think that I picked up some of her amazing ways.  She has a way with people.  Everyone loves her and she would give her right arm for you if she thought you needed it.  She has helped me through so much in my life but most of all she has let me be me, let me spread my wings and be crazy and then was waiting with her open loving arms when I came back down to reality.  She witnessed the birth of all three of my children and even took some pretty awesome birth shots.  She is the best mom I know and I can only hope that I am 1/2 the mother to my children that she was and still is to me.  So Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!!!

I wanted to post some shots from the big Par-ta! And share some highlights too. So sit back and relax… I have ALOT to share! And hold the phone people… I am in a lot of these.  HA!


This is just as guests were arriving…  We had tables set up under the deck and under a tent in the yard.  The band is here to camera right.




Everyone eating and enjoying each other’s company.




The band, Bandwidth, was just awesome!!!!








My Lydia and my best friend’s little Miss P.  Cuttin a rug!!!!
Check out P’s party shoes!






Garrett joined in on the dancing too!




My mom and her best friend from High School.  Being silly.




Someone must have sent out a memo to wear black and white.  HA!




My mom and her two kids.




The whole family!  Including my 1/2 brother Barry.




Her co-workers.




Her good friend from work Marilyn and her daughter Jamie.
Dang Jamie makes me look short!  LOL!




My Ella and her buddy A!




My childhood friend and first riding instructor.  We met when I was 9 and Tina was 14.
We have been through it all together.  I love her dearly and consider her a sister.




Me and my most handsome, wonderful hubby!




My mom and her cousin Marie Ann.




Her neighbors.








Garrett helping blow out the candles.




And last but not least the present my brother and nephew made her.
She always wanted a hall tree… and now she has one made specifically for her!
Yes, she cried.  :)



More from my busy weekend part 2 coming soon.

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My girl starts riding…

Posted on June 19, 2008

I knew the day I found out that Ella was a girl that I would once again, some day be thrown back into the horse world.  I have always thought you were just born with it, it is something in your blood.  Some of you may not know but I rode and competed for 20 years.  Right up until I had Garrett.  I started out as a 3-Day eventer and after the age of 20 switched to straight Dressage. After Garrett was born I needed to take a break.  Not only because my free time had suddenly dwindled but so had our money.  So my horse that I raised from birth for 13 years was put up for lease, it turned out that a very wonderful family was interested in him and wanted to buy him. I had a hard to giving up such a great home for him so I reluctantly sold him. I was sad, but knew it was the right choice.  As far as I know they still have him today.

Not long after Ella turned a year old we started noticing her attractions to animals.  Not just horses but really any animal.  She loves them all.  She had her first pony ride around that time too and showed no fear and completely loved it.  Her favorite ride ever is the carousel and she often pretends she is a horse herself.  Now that brought back memories.  Once when she was about 3 I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said a horse!  LOL!  Not a rider or horse trainer… a HORSE!  She became very angry with me when I told her that might not be possible so I went a long with that and let her think she could.

I really wanted her to wait till she was about 5 to start riding so this summer we started looking for barns.  I talked to lots of them and we tried out a few.  We think now we have found our home at Rosewood Farm.  Trisha has a Dressage background in riding and since that was my discipline of choice I liked the idea of Ella being exposed to it.  My thought is that one day we might own another horse and at least we can share the same style of riding so I can hop on occasionally.  So I thought I would share a few quick snaps of my girl in her second riding lesson.  She has such pretty form… heels down, straight back, relaxed shoulders.  It makes me all teary to watch her.  Remembering how excited I was when I started riding, remembering how every day was one day closer to my next lesson, and remembering the shear joy of being on horse.   I see it all in her and proves to be much more emotional for me than I thought it would be.


Doesn’t she look tiny?  Although this was a big horse.


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Newborns are everywhere!

Posted on June 18, 2008

There must be a baby boom going on in Atlanta.  Oh wait, I think there is always a baby boom in Atlanta.  :)  I guess it just seems like it because I have a had a lot of calls for maternity / newborn sessions.  Which as many of you know is just fine by me.  I adore shooting newborns.  They are right up there at top of my favorite subjects.   So just a quick reminder that if you are pregnant and are interested in a newborn session call ASAP.  Even though I always try to squeeze them in to my schedule it is always nice to know ahead of time.  So I wanted to share my latest newborn…  and she will be one of many to come this summer.

Meet Miss N.  She is such a pretty baby.  She was SO good to me.  Slept great and curled and twisted so nicely for me.  I just adore her parents and I am so excited for them, becoming new parents is one of life’s greatest joys and they are perfectly smitten with this little baby doll.  When I got there she was awake.  So we wrapped her up and got some awake shots and then she drifted off to sleep.  Exactly the way I like it.  :)



A sweet little hand.  She had the most dainty long fingers.  And long girly fingernails.


This is a favorite for sure.  Love the mood of it.


Thanks to the J family for inviting me into their beautiful home.  I had the best time with you guys.  Take care of that sweet baby and enjoy every minute.  It goes by way too fast.

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A very special Baby Planner…

Posted on June 16, 2008

This guy holds a very special place in my heart.  He had me with the full head of red hair at his newborn shoot and never disappoints each time I see him.  He gets cuter every time.  I just adore this family and their sweet little guy.  I know there are a few of you Lisa out there stalking the blog for these.  :)  Sorry for the delay.


Big smiles for mom!


One of my faves!



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We are HOME!

Posted on June 15, 2008

Well we are back from our trip to the beach! One of many this summer but this one was just me, my best friend Julie and our boys. As I said before this is the second time we have taken this trip and the boys have a such a great time together. They played at the beach and swam in the pool till they dropped. LITERALLY! We got to go out to eat, do a little shopping and see a movie together too. It was so much fun! When I was there I really never pulled out my camera. Except my point and shoot small travel camera. I really didn’t want to worry about hauling it down to the beach… I just wanted to relax and play with my boy. So I did get some quick snaps to share but they are nothing more than snapshots to document our trip. I try as a mother to remember that the snap shots are just as important as the portraits. That even though they are grainy, a little out of focus, or just not great technically they are reminders of what our lives were like at that moment. And sometimes they are even more priceless than the portraits.

“The Condo” as we call it is a home away from home for our family. Located in Blue Mountain Beach FL, which is just outside of Seaside FL. That area of FL has the most beautiful white sand and blue water. The ocean is normally pretty calm with just enough waves to make it interesting. This area of FL is not super touristy and has some awesome local restaurants that we frequent. We love that our kids feel so at home here and every year when we return they are busting with excitement. This year Garrett’s friend felt the same way, he remembered everything and even said one night “Mom, I kind of feel like the condo is home!” Awww!!!! So sweet!

Here is the dynamic duo on the way down.
Julie and I were admittedly frustrated with their level of excitement by this point. ;)
But how cute are they in front of the Cracker Barrel. We always stop on the way down for dinner. Too funny!


The boys taking a snack break on the beach. Ah, now this is the life.


A funny mom and son self portrait. This is a tradition in our family.


One of the what must be THOUSANDS of local lizards. He let me get SO close to him.
And hey this shot isn’t bad for a point and shoot!


His crazy red throat. It was so cool!


Have I mentioned my son is a total fish! He is fearless in the water. This one of many jumping shots I got.


A group self portrait. Not 1/2 bad. ;)


Examining the sea slug we caught. Garrett was so amazed by him.


Our sweet boys… totally zoning after a long day at the beach and a movie. Waiting for dinner at Johnny Rockets.


Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Alisha have some fun too! Milkshake anyone?


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