Happy Birthday to my girl…

Posted on July 30, 2008

Today my middle child and first girl turned 5!  Wow!!!  How did that happen?  5 years ago today I was starring at her thinking “how is it that I am now the mother of two and one of them is a girl?”  I was instantly in love with her.  She came out peaceful and has been that way ever since.

There is no way to describe how amazing Ella  is.  But I will try…

She is…

a true animal lover.
a snuggler.
a wonderful big sister.
a wonderful little sister.
a good friend.
my first girl.
a joy to be around.
and many many more things…

Happy Birthday to my big girl.





We are at the beach this week so Ella got to celebrate her birthday in Florida.  We went to her favorite dinner spot and then walked the beach at Seaside for some pictures.  And afterwards we had ice cream.  This is a shot I took tonight at the beach.  Edited on a very uncalibrated monitor so excuse the quality of it.  ;)  I will share more of my trip when I get home.

Also look forward to MANY newborns in the coming weeks.  I have had 4 born and a few more due this week so the blog will be saturated with newborns soon.  Won’t that be awesome!  Can’t wait to share them all with you.


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Sweet, Sweet Baby L

Posted on July 26, 2008

Oh my… she was so sweet and slept so well for me.  I was so excited when Mom’s sister called me to book this session.   She bought her sister our session as her shower gift.   The best thing about the situation is her sister lives in Florida and she researched Atlanta photographers, found me online and chose me as her sister’s family’s new photographer.  I thought that was an awesome compliment in a city with hundreds of photographers, many with great talent.  I was flattered to say the least.  Well the whole family is just awesome.  I felt like I had known them my whole life.  It was just an awesome session.  So I wanted to share some of Baby L.  I know there is at least one person in Atlanta and 2 in Florida waiting on these.  :)


I love love this pose and have tried many times to get it.  Well this sweet dolly did it for me.
I laid her down and her hands went straight into the shape of a heart.  Sigh… Love it.


A new mommy / baby favorite for me.  Love it.


And this one just melts my heart… such a sweet family.  Loving their sweet girl.


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The B Family

Posted on July 26, 2008

I had a wonderful session with a lovely family last weekend on a VERY hot day!  We were all toasted I think by the end, but it was worth it.  We got some super cute shots of their two little ones.  I love this age, they are so curious and so fun to listen to.  They make up great names for their stuffed animals and at any given moment will do something funny like fall over laughing and what seems to be nothing, but in their eyes something is funny.  I love it.  Mom and Dad were awesome too and were troopers in the sweltering Georgia heat.  So I wanted to share a few quick ones for this sweet family before they high tail it out of town for vacation.




My favorite.


A fun moment with Dad.


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Smiling, Happy, One year old.

Posted on July 23, 2008

That is how I would describe him… I got so many great smiles.  This little guy was just adorable with his big blue eyes and sweet face.  And did I say little?  He was easily as big, if not bigger than my 2 1/2 year old.  Then again she is on the small side but dang… this boy is hefty.  :)  And did I mention happy.  His mom and dad were awesome and so much fun.  We met at a local nature preserve near them.  They enjoy going there with him so they wanted to do a session there.  We met in later in the evening.  Which I loved!  I love the light at the end of the day it is so soft and pretty.  But I don’t love the mosquitoes.  They LOVE me though.  But it was all worth it.  See for yourself.


A new fave with the tricycle.
Most of you who follow my blog know I love to use this tricycle.
It has become a personal project for me, how creative can I get with the tricycle?  That is my challenge for myself.


He loved being tossed around.


And he is just on the verge of walking… takes about 3 steps then goes to crawling.


This is a fave from the session.  You know how I said he smiled ALOT!  He did…
but I love the stares and sweet looks from him without the smile too.


Thank you W family for chosing me as your photographer.  I will have your proofs for you soon.

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Get ready…

Posted on July 22, 2008

for an overload of cute!  Remember I said this 6 week old was super cute.  Well see for yourself.  Her very sweet mama called me when she was 4 weeks old.  I told her that there would be no guarantees that I could get her to sleep but I would sure try.  :)  And even if we didn’t I knew we could have a great session with her awake.  As I mentioned in a previous post I used to shy away from this age but I am really starting to enjoy them.  They are different from new newborns but they are chunkier, usually have smoother skin and will give you some killer eye contact.  So while they are harder to get to sleep, and they are harder to reposition and keep asleep, I am learning some good techniques for them.  And that is one reason I love my job… I am always learning, always trying something new and experimenting with new ideas.  It keeps thinks interesting for me.

The other reason I loved this session is the connection I formed with her sweet mama and grandmother.  They were just delightful.  This is the another reason I love my job.  I get to make wonderful connections with some amazing people!  We could have talked and watched this sweet baby sleep all day, but I had to let them go home.  ;)

So here she is… all 10 lbs of her.  Miss A!


A shot of her sweet blue eyes… she got those from her mama!


I love this shot… I love the light, airy feeling of it.


Her sweet lashes.





A fave!


And a close up of that sweet face.


Thank you so much K for sharing your sweet baby girl with me.  I will have the rest of your session to you soon.

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I am interrupting our regular posts…

Posted on July 21, 2008

to share my mini session with my wee one.  And to share a day (er morning) in my life.

Today I decided to do some fun stuff with the kids, no errands (ok I did have to stop by the UPS store to mail some prints out), no following mommy around while she shops, no grocery store just whatever they wanted.  They love the pet store.  We have one here called Petland very close to my house.  They actually sell dogs/cats which I don’t necessarily agree with but they do let you get them out and play. Which is so fun for my kids.  Remember we can’t have dogs/cats because of Lydia’s allergies.  :(  So we got out three dogs and played with them, got to see some birds, pet some bunnies (oh my they were cute) and just hung out.  Unfortunately I forgot to give her her allergy medicine so she was an itchy mess by the time we left.  Poor baby.  Then we went to the carousel at North Point Mall.  It is brand new and Lydia and Ella LOVE it.  I mean LOVE it.  Garrett can take it or leave it but they girls can’t wait to get on.  They had a great time riding the carousel she talked about it all the way there.  Here are some of her comments that I heard about 50 times before we got there.

“It’s not closed” –  once it was closed when we went.  :(
“Mommy will hold your feet, I not fall off” — this means you stand beside me and hold my feet so I don’t fall off.
“I will ride the horsey, Ella will ride the deer and Garrett will ride the horsey”  LOL!
“Ohh… we going to ride the caro-self” — that would be carosel. :)  And this statement is always followed by a silly little giggle.

After the ride we sat down and had lunch and everyone was fantastic and ate all their lunch.  After that we all went home and got ready for quiet time.  Lydia is still sleeping from her busy day.  :)

But before we left this am I had a quick mini session with my girl.  I love this dress on her.  It is a target special and I see it alot on other kids but I love it on her.  Just suits her little body.  And some of you might remember the cool green table I had the newborn on a few posts back.  That was my grandmother’s table. I dug it out of the basement.  I have been saving it for the perfect place and I thought it would be fitting to get some of it and my Lydia.  Lydia reminds me so much of her and she is named after my grandmother’s mother.  Her strong will, her little hands and feet, her compact build.  The last three generations of women have all looked the same.  (Ella escaped that short compact thing.  :))  But there is something about Lydia that makes me think of my grandmother.   Something about her that makes me feel close to her.

She didn’t love sitting on it, I think she was nervous but I think a new series has evolved… the traveling green table.  :)  So I wanted to share with you the first installment of the green table.  And I am showing you some with Lydia’s Fi (that would be her pacifier) and blanket.  She loves them so.  She usually only gets them at naptime and bedtime but every now and then I like to grab some shots of her with them.   They are part of her life right now that I don’t want to forget.  She only gave me about 15 minutes but really that is enough time to get some good smiles and laughs out of her.


Playing with some conversions here.


She is such a happy girl.  And so fun to photograph now.



Loving her blanket and Fi.



Next up a super super cute 6 week old.  You won’t want to miss these shots.  :)

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A very special baby boy.

Posted on July 20, 2008

I could not wait to share with all my blog readers this amazing story.  I first met this family last year.  Mom wanted pictures of her 5 year old.  She was a friend of a friend so I was excited to meet her after all the good things I had heard about her.  We had the best time.  I felt very connected to her on many levels.  They are just a wonderful family, full of love for each other.  I casually asked mom if they ever thought about having more children and she told me with sadness in her voice that they had been trying for 3 years or so but it just has not happened.  I was so sad for her, I could see that she really wanted another baby.  About 6 months later I got an email from Mom telling me that she wanted to schedule a session for her new baby because finally her prayers had been answered and she was pregnant.  Just as I do now I had chills.  I was so excited for her.  Giddy that she would be a new Mommy again.  This blessed event happened with no medical intervention… this baby was just meant to be apart of this family.

After Baby B was born she contacted me about meeting for a session… well this week it happened.  He is 10 weeks old and precious as can be.  Normally I don’t photograph babies at this age but this is when it worked out so we went with it.  When I me him I knew he was special, both big brother and Mom just light up when they interact with him.  It made my heart smile.  He is so beautiful and he was such a trooper.  He was due for a nap when I got there, but we had some fun and got some awake shots and then this precious angel went to sleep and we got some sleepy shots.  I have to admit that I used to steer clients away from these in between phases but I find that I am developing some good techniques for getting the older babies to sleep.  And it is so fun to try.  :)  Little B was awesome he let us move him around and everything. He is the smiliest sleeping babies I have ever seen.  So stinkin cute.  I told Mom that I have always heard that babies smile when they sleep because the angels are talking to them.

So here is Baby B.  A very special addition to a very special family.


Now that is cuteness!


And this shot melts my heart… as a mother it speaks to me on so many levels.
A proud brother.
A special baby.
And as a photographer I was so excited to capture it just as I envisioned it.
I love how big brother has his hands so relaxed on his little brother and his sweet smile
and snuggle were not prompted by me.  It is just him.


And he sleeps… check out the 1/2 smile.  Even his eyes look happy.



And last but not least… some tootsies.


Thank you L family for inviting me to capture these precious first weeks with your new addition.

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The Baby Boom continues…

Posted on July 19, 2008

Lately I have had a ton of calls and booked sessions for maternity and newborn sessions.  LOVE that!  I have 4 babies due in the last week of July.  So exciting.  :)  This beautiful mama to be is due at the end of August so we still have a bit to wait on her sweet baby girl, but I did meet with them this week for her belly shots.  What a fun family, complete with a hilarious bulldog and a sweet little Yorkie.  I had a hard time keeping my focus on the belly with those cute fur babies around.  For those of you who don’t know when I started my business I did a lot of pet photography… dogs, cats, horses, birds, ect.  It was loads of fun as I have always been an animal lover so when their are 4 legged children in a family I always try and get some of them too.  This lovely couple is expecting their first little girl and are so excited to see her.  I loved getting to know my moms and dads before little one arrives.  And she has the best nursery to come home to, so we had to get some in there.   So here is the family… all 4+ of them.


and a closer shot of Sanford.




And baby Lacy’s nursery.


Thank you M family for inviting me over and I look forward to meeting your baby girl soon.


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Posted on July 18, 2008

Well I have been a busy bee this week and it seems the week has gotten away from me without much blogging.  I have several sessions to post so here goes….

This sweet baby boy is one of my current baby planners.  He is so precious, easy going, and adorable.  He is all smiles even at the end when he was tired and ready for a nap… he would yawn and then smile.  So sweet.  And his big brother is a riot and such a handsome boy.  He thankfully was able to join us so I got a few of both him alone and the boys together.  I love working with this family.  They are so awesome and up for any idea I throw their way.  It makes my job so fun!


I think this is my fave… I love the hood up, the sweet look in his eye and
the tiny spit bubble in the corner of his mouth.


He was cracking up here at mom.  Isn’t that the best? LOL!


I love this one… it is definitely a fave from the session.  I see peace when I look at this image.


And big brother Conner!


LOVE his hair.


Thanks D family for another awesome session!!!

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M and K!

Posted on July 13, 2008

These two sweets are so near and dear to me.  I have been photographing big sister since she was 9 months old and she just had her 4th birthday.  This is the 3rd or 4th session with baby brother and he is proving to be just as sweet as big sister.  He is so big though.  LOL!  He looks to be about the same size as my 2 year old.  :)  Miss M and I had loads of fun talking about Barbie and what Barbie might be doing in my camera.  She has the best imagination.  After the session she asked me if I could watch some of her Barbie movie with her.  Awww… isn’t that sweet.  Just love her.  So here is Mom’s sneak peek.  I have many to go through still but these are a few of my faves.


I always get a good shot of the two of them… as a mom it makes me jealous.  :)





I love how she is just lost in thought here.


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