2008 North Metro Atlanta Seniors

Posted on December 29, 2008

This year was the first year that I really decided to market to the High School Seniors.  They quickly became one of my most favorite subjects.  I love the different skill set that I had to develop with them.  Learning how to talk to an 17-18 year old again was fun and learning how to actually direct and pose people so that they are comfortable in front of the camera is totally new.  And I had a great time developing these skills.  I have to admit it is nice to have a subject that does not require a rattling toy or me making silly noises just to get their attention.  And I don’t have nearly as much chasing.  LOL!

I was very blessed with my Seniors this year.  I often say that I live in the land of beautiful people and my Seniors did not disappoint.  I was lucky to have lots of Seniors that were not only beautiful but totally comfortable in front of the camera so they made my job very easy.   And having the luxury of shooting at different times of the day like sunset was very cool.

I am excited about shooting Class of 2010 and look forward to meeting more awesome seniors in coming months. If you are a current year Junior and are interested in a Senior Rep position please let me know.  Reps receive big benefits for helping get my name out there.  I already have a couple of reps lined up so these positions will fill up quickly.  But for now I hope you enjoy a quick slide-show of some of my favorite Senior shots.

Seniors of 2008

And below are some of my all time faves.


Beautiful Annice… my first Senior of the year.


Olivia… simply stunning.


Robert… adorable, hilarious and a photographer himself!


Katie… elegant and graceful.  A natural in front of the camera.


Ryan… so handsome and so GQ.


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The Robertson Family | 2008

Posted on December 28, 2008

So today I thought I would share my faves of my kids from 2008.  I have shared a lot of them along the way here on the blog but some I have not.  I chose these images for the coffee table book I make each Christmas for my parents and in-laws.  It is a big task to go through a year of pictures of my own kids… you can only imagine how many I have.  :)  But I am always pleased witht he final result.  A look back at our year, the birthdays, the vacations, the smiles and even some crying.  I am amazed at how much the kids change in a year’s time and I would lie if I said I didn’t get teary putting these books together.  I will include some images of the actual book when I get mine.  I just ordered it so it will be a little bit before I see it.   But until then you can enjoy a rather lengthy slideshow of my family.  :)

The Robertson Family - 2008

And below is my most recent favorite of Miss Ella.


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2008 Atlanta Newborns

Posted on December 27, 2008

The year is winding down and I am preparing for some changes.  So I thought I would take some time to reflect on clients of 2008 before the unveiling of the new AGR Photography begins.  I started going through all of my folders and was starting to get overwhelmed with my favorites.  I had so many that jumped out at me that I decided to break it down a bit.  So I am sure you can guess where I went first… yep Newborns.  They are one of my favorite subjects for sure.  I was so blessed to meet so many newborns this year.  So many wonderful families starting their lives with new little people.  So this afternoon I went through those images remembered all of those wonderful sessions, sweet babies, and exhausted yet joyful parents.  The miracle of life truly is such a blessing.  Thank you to all my clients who have shared their little miracles.  Just click the link below to see the show and check back over the next few days to see more of my favorites clients of 2008.

 Newborns of 2008


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Happy Holidays to You, From AGR Photography

Posted on December 24, 2008

Just wanted to share my family card with all my blog readers.

Hope whatever Holiday you are celebrating is filled with happiness and love!

See you in the New Year!




Inside Spread (this was a 5×7 wide format card so this is a full spread.


The Back.

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Ending Year 2008 | Woodstock, Baby Photographer

Posted on December 20, 2008

Well what a year… it has been a wonderful year for my business.  I have grown as a photographer and I have learned a lot this year about where I want my business to go in the future.  I simply adore what I do.  I have learned what my favorite subjects are and I have made some decisions on how to focus on them for the coming new year.  I have learned that I have the best clients around… the best part is that they hire me because they love the photography that I produce.  They share my vision and that has always been my goal, to attract the clients that appreciate how I interpret their beautiful children.

There are some changes coming for the new year with AGR Photography… new products, new look, new client website (that I alluded to before) and as always new growth for me as a photographer.   I am excited about some upcoming seminars and workshops that I will be attending to help me grow as a business woman and a photographer.  I have brand new camera that I am excited about as well.  All photographers will agree that we love new equipment.  :)  So I wanted to say thank you to all my clients from 2008.  I look forward to working with you all again in the coming year as well as all the new faces I will meet.

So the last session of the season was actually a couple of weeks ago but I have been nursing some sick kids this month so I have not gotten around to proofing her images until now.  I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of my newest Baby Planner.  I met her this summer in her Mommy’s tummy and then again as a newborn in August.  She has grown so much and was full of smiles for me.  She LOVED the camera and the camera loved her big blue eyes.  I look forward to our future sessions Miss L, I have a feeling you are going to be loads of fun when you are sitting up and exploring.






And this shot below was taken by my good friend visiting me from California, Ken Deboe.
It was so much fun to shoot this session together and I just love this shot of me and Baby L.


And one of the resulting shots below.  Which happens to be a fave of mine.


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The camera has been turned on me…

Posted on December 15, 2008

I have been enjoying some down time from my business the past couple of weeks.  After the craziness of October and November (which really started for me this year in August) I always take the month of December off from shooting to spend time with my own family and to get ready for the Holidays.  I do have one sneak peek coming in a few days though since I had a Baby Planner that turned 4 months recently.

So along with spending time with the family I also got to spend time with some friends.  My friend Ken Deboe came to visit me a few weeks ago and one chilly afternoon we went out and took some shots of just me and my littlest.  I am always so grateful to have images of me with my kids.  As you can imagine most of the time I am behind the camera so I don’t get to be in many…  So here are a few of my favorites from Ken.  It was so great to have him here for a visit.  I loved being able to talk business, cameras, philosophy, children, ect… you name it.  I feel so blessed to have found such wonderful friends through my photography.  I always say how lucky I am to have such great friends that just happen to be photographers.  :)




I love this shot below… she looks so tiny, yet so much like a big girl.
I am afraid she will be challenged in the height department like her mama!  :)



And next up on things to share is my anniversary present to my amazing husband of 10 years.  We celebrated our anniversary on November 7.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to give him… I knew it had to be special as 10 years is a big milestone.  So I thought what a better way to celebrate than to have a photo session of our very own.  Now Scott doesn’t love getting his picture taken but I knew that he would be happy to do so if I wanted it.  So I hired a local couple that mainly photographs weddings to take help capture who we are now… 10 years later.  Jesse and Whitney from Our Labor of Love are simply amazing.  Their style is very different from mine and they shoot in a totally different fashion but that is exactly what I wanted.  Something different.  They have a real skill for capturing couples, making you feel at ease in front of the camera, and creating unique, hip art out of their photography. Scott and I had a fantastic time.  It was awesome to just focus on each other for a few hours and really remember where it all started.  We started the session down at Georgia State University which is where we met 12 + years ago.  I am so happy that Jesse and Whitney could work us in and so thrilled with what I have seen so far.  So go on down to their blog and check out Scott and I.  Scroll down a little to see my very own sneak peek.  :)  And if you know anyone that needs a couple of AWESOME photographers to photograph a wedding…  send them to Jesse and Whitney.  They won’t be disappointed.

Our Labor of Love


Here is my favorite shot so far…  just LOVE it.  I have a feeling it will be big somewhere in my house very soon.



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Posted on December 12, 2008

This post is LONG overdue but I have been so busy that I am just now breathing.  I want you all to meet the newest member to AGR Photography…. Kate.  Kate is my new assistant.  She helps me with all kinds of things like filing, packing up orders to ship, assembling albums, backing up sessions, and even watching my kids sometimes.  She has saved my life this Fall.  She is such an amazing person and I am thrilled to have her on board.  Kate is also a dancer/ actor.  She has appeared in many music videos and commercials.  Right now she is up for the lead role in a feature film and needed some new shots for some promotional material.  The producer sent us some “inspirational” ideas and we went out and had a great time on a VERY cold, gray Saturday.  She is amazing to photograph, she knows just what to do, just how to move and hardly needs any direction. So much fun!  But I wanted to introduce all of my blog readers to Kate.  I am sure you will be seeing more of her in the future and maybe on the big screen.  :)











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Some fun shots and a quick sale to offer you.

Posted on December 2, 2008

My most favorite canvas printing company is offering a sale for the next 4 days and I would love to pass it along to my clients.  If you would like to order a canvas you will receive an extra 15% off.  And for the first person that orders you will receive 20% off.  Not often I get to pass on the savings but this is a great chance to get a very special last minute gift.  So email ASAP if you are interested.  The sale will end on December 5th.

Here is a canvas that I ordered just recently as an 18×24.  Just gorgeous.


And for some fun images.  I got a new toy yesterday… a  35 mm 2.0 lens.  I had some fun with the kids in the van yesterday with it.

This is the face I get when I tell L to smile.  LOL!



After one kid picked up…




And the whole crew in the van.




And this is the little fishie E made for me last summer.  He keeps me company.




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