Miss P is 8 months old! | Cumming Georgia Baby Photographer

Posted on January 31, 2009

Little Miss P is not so little anymore.  She has grown so much and she is FULL of personality.  We had a great time though and she is still as cute as can be.  I just love working with this family.  They are such awesome people.  And I am so happy that they will be adding a new daughter to their family in April so yep that means that Miss P and her baby sister will be exactly a year apart.  I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy.  They are excited to make the jump to a family of 5 and I am excited to help capture those special moments with photographs.  See you guys in April.





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Sleepie Newbie- Baby J | Cumming Newborn Photographer

Posted on January 26, 2009

What a blessed family…  they have been clients of mine for several years now and recently added a new addition to their family.  Sweet Baby J.  He was so peaceful and calm for me, which according to mom is how he has been the whole time.  I would definitely believe that too.  I, as most mothers can, see personalities right away with these new babies.  It is amazing that they can express their little selves so early.  Baby J joins a very sweet big sister and an adorable big brother.  And while life with three is crazy (I totally get that B & C!) it is wonderful!  So here a few of Baby J to share. He was so patient with me and all the chaos around him.  Gotta love it when the third is this laid back, a true blessing for the parents.  :)


Love a wrapped baby.



And this one is one of my faves… I love the way she is looking at him.  So sweet.


Thank you T family for sharing this new little blessing with me.  I had a wonderful time with All of you!

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Let the Sun shine! | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Posted on January 25, 2009

I was so happy to see the clouds parting and the sun peeking through around noon today.  I got to meet the sweetest little newborn today and she (like the day ended up being) was perfect.  She slept like a little champ for me.  We had the best time with her.  Mom and Dad are quite smitten with their new little bundle of joy who arrived in the world a mere 10 days ago.  I was so excited to see these images when I got home and they did not disappoint.  I had a very hard time picking just a few to share with you, so maybe when I have proofed the whole session I will share a few more.  But for now meet Baby E!  Thank you S and C for sharing your sweet little bundle with me.




I just love this one… safe in Daddy’s hands.



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4 weeks | Marietta Newborn Photographer

Posted on January 21, 2009

So most of you know that I like my newborns to see me around 7 days or so.  Well… sometimes that just doesn’t work out.  And I will still give it the collage try if they are a little older I just know and warn the parents it might not be the same session.  Well little Mr. J came to see me today… he is 4 weeks old and proved that you can still get some pretty cute sleeping shots after a week old.  He didn’t go to sleep without some work by me and mom, mostly mom.  She was such a trooper.  She rocked and bounced and shhh’d till he went to sleep on several occasions.  Never got frazzled and always seemed very calm.  And as long as the parents want to keep going I am totally up for that.  We ended up wearing him out eventually and got some great shots.  I picked a few favorites to share here.


Who can resist a sweet baby smile?  I just love this shot.


And this is my favorite of the day.  Totally worth all the bouncing don’t you think?


Thank you E for sharing your sweet little guy with me.  I had the best time with you today.  J is a lucky baby to have a mother with such a caring touch and abundance of patience, truly an inspiration to all mothers.

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Little Miss N | Atlanta Baby Photographer

Posted on January 18, 2009

This is the 3rd time (if count in the belly) I have met Miss N! She is a doll and her parents are just the best.  I always have the best time with them.  They are so sweet to each other, so involved with their baby and so in love with her.  There is nothing that makes my heart smile bigger than seeing a family who is completely in love with each other.  And in my business I get to see it a lot… just another wonderful reason I love my job.  Miss N took some time to warm up to me but eventually she did. She was hard to get to crack a smile but I brought in reinforcements– my 7 year old assistant in training.  Garrett hung out with us almost the entire session.  He figured out ways to get sweet baby N to smile over and over.  It was too cute.  He even told me as we were setting up outside that he wanted to be a photographer when he grew up.  It just melted me to hear him say that.  So sweet.  So here is Miss N…  all 7 1/2 months of her!


Grandmother was visiting from Tokyo so we took a few of the three ladies.  I just think they are
all so beautiful.


I have a soft spot in my heart for thumb suckers.  I think this shot is just adorable of her.


And a close up of those sweet baby teeth.


And one outside… it was like 50 degrees here today and by the afternoon just beautiful.


 Thank you M and M for sharing your beautiful daughter with me.  I look forward to her 1 year!

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8 months already | Atlanta, GA Baby Photographer

Posted on January 17, 2009

How do my babies grow so fast?  It seems like yesterday I was photographing this little guy as a newborn.  I remember him so well. He was so peaceful and so calm.  And to this day he still is.  He is just a little joy.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes that just draw you right in and he loved watching my camera “blink” at him.  He would just stare at me.  We took the poor little guy out in the cold for a few and even though it was 30 degrees outside he was just as calm.  When we saw his little nose turning red we knew it was time to head back in. :)  Thank you K and J for sharing your little boy with me.  I am so enjoying watching him grow throughout his first year.  It is such a special time!


This is one of my faves!


And who can resist his big blues?


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Mr. C - 4 months | Alpharetta, Georgia Baby Photographer

Posted on January 14, 2009

Today I got a very special visit from Mr. C.  He is now four months old and is so darn cute.  He has grown so much since I met him as a newborn.  See for yourself here.  He was so happy and full of smiles for me, course when I put the camera over my face he looked at me with a puzzled look of “where did she go?”  But I caught a couple of smiles none the less.  We had a great time together and even though it was cold outside it was warm and cozy inside and the sun was bright and shiny for some yummy light.


So strong sitting in the basket.


Such pretty pretty blue eyes.


Love this shot, his sweet expression makes it!


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New Albums for ‘09 | North Metro Atlanta Baby Photographer

Posted on January 13, 2009

I am so excited to announce some new products and albums that I will be making available to my clients.  I searched long and hard for an album that would be substantial and sturdy yet elegant and beautiful enough to showcase treasured images in best possible way.  I think I found it… and ironically it was from the same album vendor that I am currently using.  This vendor just released a beautiful 8×8 leather, black bound album that comes with mats for the images.  The pages are thick and sturdy and the cover is gorgeous as always.  It also comes in the same wonderful silk lined presentation box, which I adore.  This album will replace my current 8×10 album for a session album but I will still make those available to previous clients if they want the same album.  I have a feeling they will be choosing this one though.  Here are some quick images of the new 8×8 album.


The rounded corners of the mats are just yummy!


I am also replacing my current accordion album with a beautiful 20 image 5×7 album.  This album is great for gifts, brag books, and grandparents.


One of things I love is the continuity of this line of albums.  They all go together so beautifully.



And to accompany my new digital packages I am offering this beautiful image box to house the prints that you receive with each package.





I am also going to offer this beautiful larger image box that comes with an 8×10 mat for a 5×7 print.  This image box will come with 20 images and be an alternative to the regular session album.  With this product clients can choose to display an image on an easel and have the flexibility of changing which image they want to display simply by choosing another image.  I have shown you one way to display your images using this image box below.





I have all of these albums and boxes displayed with pricing on my new Client Information site so if you are interested in them let me know.

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To celebrate 100 days | Alpharetta Baby Photographer

Posted on January 12, 2009

Well it is official.  I am back to work.  Sunday was my first session of the new year and my first session with my new camera, the Canon 5D Mark II.  Man do I love it.  And I just loved the sweet little 3 month old that I got to test it on.  She was so adorable.  You may remember her from her newborn shoot here.  In Asian culture there is a very special celebration centered around the 100 day mark.  In the past when infant mortality was high the Asian culture honored baby’s 100 day birthday as a celebration of surviving this difficult period of life.  The tradition is alive still today in Asian cultures.  It is centered around a HUGE celebration and beautiful jewelery for the baby.  I had the honor of photographing Baby E in honor of her 100 day celebration.  I so enjoyed seeing her again.  She has grown so much and is so adorable.  When I arrived she was asleep so I took that opportunity to get some shots of her asleep real quick.  I was amazed that she allowed me to move her around so much without waking up.  So cute.  She has the best cheeks… perfect for squeezing.  So I wanted to share this sweet little baby with all you and give her a parents a quick sneek at yesterday’s session.


Asleep with her colorful bracelets.


Are those boots not the cutest things ever?


Her beautiful necklace and eyes.


Here she is in her christening gown.


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A new series by AGR Photography | Alpharetta Baby & Child Photographer

Posted on January 8, 2009

I have so many ideas for the blog this year and one of them has me very excited.  Sometimes when I hear a comment about a photograph being beautiful, amazing or wonderful I think to myself I wonder what about that photograph appeals to people.  Why do they like it?  What draws them in?  What separates a good photograph from a great one?  Sometimes I think “non” photographers are not aware of what it is in the photograph that actually makes it wonderful.  They respond to the overall feeling and emotion that is evoked in them even if they are not sure why.  Of course the beauty of photography is that everything is subjective to the onlooker’s opinion, and to what they find beautiful and what they find interesting.  I have spent the past 5 years training my eyes to dissect eh image, to break it down and determine what it is that makes what I think are great photographs, well, great.

  After looking at literally thousands of photographs, some good and some not, I have learned what I like.  I have determined what “style” of photography I am drawn to.  And then, after much practice, trial and error and hard work I have slowly translated that style into my own.  I have inspiration everywhere– whether it is another photographer I admire, a beautiful child with amazing eyes, and old fence, a beautiful barn, a newborn’s fresh womb- like form, or a teenager embarking on adulthood.  They all inspire me.  As clients, I often wonder what inspires you to choose a photographer.  Is it the emotion that you see in the images, the colors, the soulful eyes or the overall style of a certain photographer?  This thought inspired a new series for the blog:  a simple way to educate people on what makes good photograph, a way to teach clients to verbalize why an image speaks to them.  A way to educate clients so that will understand what makes a good photograph.

So my first new series my blog will be “What makes an image work”

This series will be evolving and I would love to get my readers involved.  Any suggestions you have for topics please let me know.  I plan on posting a new post to the series once a month or so.

I will start with the basics of composition here today.  Composition has many rules and guidelines.  As you often hear rules are made to be broken and that is certainly true in photographs.  There are times when I throw all rules out and go with my gut or the emotion I see.  There are many facets to composition.  Today I will start with a very important one and one that can drastically change the impact of a photograph.

The Rule of Thirds

I often get the question “why is her head cut off?” or “can you center my child in the photograph?”   The rule of thirds is the answer to that.

Definition- The rule states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.


So basically that means that important parts of the image should be placed in the four spaces where the lines intersect.   Disclaimer:  My image may not be exactly equal parts but you get the idea. :)

So here is example one… below you can see how the sleepy eye falls right where the two lines cross in the upper right.


Here is the same image with no lines on top and center crop on bottom.


So it is simple to see that while the bottom uncropped version is nice, the cropped version draws you in much more and makes for a much more appealing image overall.  The focus is not on the overall head, although it is a cute head, it is on the fact that he is in a deep slumber with a very sweet, content face, adorable nose and cute mouth.  Overall, cropping this way makes a more appealing image.

Example #2

In this example I placed the subject and the tire swing in the bottom right section of the image.  One reason for this is to emphasize the sun flare from the top.


Same image no lines on the left and center crop on the right.


Again, while the center crop image is still nice the emphasis on her face is being drawn out of the image by her feet here.  And her feet are not an
important part of the image.  Also the center crop takes away from the sun flare in the top of the image.

Example #3


Same image with no lines on the left and center cropping on the right.



While both images above are quite flattering of this beautiful girl you can see how the image on the left draws you in to her eyes.
It puts your focus on them and by losing the top of the head it actually makes her whole head look more in proportion.


Example #4




Below same image.



And here is an alternative crop to the one above.



The horizontal crop really gives interest to this image.  The lines provide by the stairs are able to be a part o
f the image and not just the background.  The alternative crop doesn’t capture you and draw you in,
you eye has no where to go.  It simply sees her and stops.  With the dead space created by the
horizontal crop your eye is able to journey across the image creating a much more pleasing experience.


Example #5



Same image with no lines.



I wanted to show you also how the rule of thirds can apply to two subjects.
Here again, the emphasis is put on the faces and eyes of the mom and baby.
Your eye also has the visual experience of the whole baby encased
safely in mom’s arms which creates emotion and connection.

So hopefully now you understand a bit more about the Rule of Thirds.  It can make a very dramatic difference on overall impact of an image.  It is definitely something that sets apart a good picture and a great one.   Here are some other tips to remember…

  • Composition rules like the Rule of Third can be accomplished after the image is taken in editing software such as Photoshop.   However, I follow the rule get it as close as you can in camera.  So many of my shots are taken by choosing focus points that help create a properly composed image straight out of camera.
  • Breaking the rules can be fun too.
  • It is not a hard and fast rule like I have shown here.   An experienced photographer will know when to push the rules to make an image have even more impact.
  • Believe it or not, having the entire head in the shot is not that important.  After all, it is the eyes that are the window to the soul.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the series “What makes a good image.”  Like I said, please feel free to leave me a comment below on any other topics you would like to see.  And please keep in mind this series is not teach other photographers how to be professionals.  It is intended to educate clients on how to choose a photographer that is a good fit for them.  And, as with anything education helps you make informed decisions.

Thanks for tuning in.  :)

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